John Wong and Paul Pung

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by BGile, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Does any one know much about these persons? Both are from the early years of Kenpo in the USA. One is quite abit earlier. Different systems but still would like to have some information about them, if possible. I can google more and will, but thought I'd ask.

    I have found out that Paul was/is a friend of Wally Jay's. So at least I'll have that connection when I go to the Birthday bash of Walley Jays, this year. My son and I will be attending.

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    Warner Wong (John's son) still teaches at his fathers old school in Suisun. Not too far away from you Gary. May want to stop in for a visit and get your questions answered from a direct source.
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    If you enroll in his class, you might earn your second white belt Gary.
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    It's a Tai Chi school. So no.
  5. DAnjo

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    Oh well. Better luck next time Gary.

    So Gary, what are you wearing to the birthday party?
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    Suisun is a location that has quite a few schools. I can make a few stops.

    Tai Chi is something I practice, I do Ba Gua it is similar.

    I'll be wearing slacks, a shirt and coat to the party, with a black leather belt. :D

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    Where did you learn Bagua?
  8. BGile

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    From a person who does it. :D A very gifted MA who is into healing arts and many of the Asian arts. I actually spell it Ba Gua, but I noticed it was spelled either way with the concept part of it. It is like this, you teach a son some of it, when they are young, in their teens as a way of disipline.

    They search it out, if they like it they will continue it. Then they teach you (I have said this time and time again), for some reason others don't seem to get the way of learning from sons who go away into the Army, come home and we study and converse and learn together. Then it is similar with Grandchildren. Simple really.

    Tai Chi (Ba Gua):
    I got involved in it years ago when I was in the school of John Leoning. It is his crest, patch. I later saw it on a website. He was into the concept and it is part of his patch.

    I had studied some when I was in his school, he called it Kung Fu. He mentioned Tai Chi, and I started to check it out years ago. Like 40 of them.

    I have mentioned I Ching, hexigram and trigrams, (it is the fore-runner of morse code) in many discussions. But I believe it just goes over the heads of most. (in FMA it is the triangle, triangles are in the octagon, all came from China).

    Yin and Yang is part of it also, in China. In Japan it is different, In-Yo...Then of course you see it in the octagon of Mitose teaching. In Johns school it was involved with the octagon, he had the clock also as in 12 instead of I (a position/location of the clock and octagon). The clock is in AK and that is a give away from where it came from.

    It would be good if someone could explain the patch and what it stands for, it is pretty self evident, for me anyway.

    Funny timing on this, for I am looking at the patch now and last night, it is a picture on a piece of paper, copied. :cool:

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  9. BGile

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    The book the Dragon and the Tiger Volume 2 "The Oakland Years", about Jun Fan Gung-fu and James Yimm Lee.

    I was reading this, I mentioned I got it and was checking it out browsing and looking at pictures, read it over the time frame of about 2 weeks.

    Just was looking at it again and started to post and noticed one of our better threads got locked. Hmmmm

    Now the Book.
    Paul Pung is on the pages between 176 and 178 in the group of pictures that are in the book to help with the written information.

    The book is a story of the Oakland Years and the friendship and writing of Bruce Lees 1st book, at the age of 22. James helped publish it. ;)

    It has some good insight and shows a whimsical side of Bruce, and the family of James Lee.

    Paul Pung, not to much mentioned about him. But Will Tracy mentions:

    Paul Pung, not Ed Parker, was the first to open a commercial Kenpo school on the mainland which was in 1953. Ed Parker was still in the Coast Guard until August, 1954 and did not start teaching commercially until 1956.

    How about that for a little trivia...

    So any more on Wally Jay's party?

    How about the question, and what we were talking about Danjo, the picture of Johnny Leonings school and the name of it? Why he called it that and for how long etc.??

    North American Kung Fu and Karate, on Lankershim Blvd. In No. Hollywood CA.


    Do you have a date and time of the pic. (I believe I saw a few years back on Maybe you would be so kind as to show it here?

    Kaith is over in the Arnis section, hmmmm
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    Your just coming up with Paul Pung now? It's no secret. But I see there's another attempt at revisionist history by Will.
    Paul Pung was one of Thomas Young's black belts. He was junior to Woodrow McCandless, Simeon Eli, and Antone Krutchy.
    He's mentioned in the writings of Bruce Haines and also in James Yimm Lee's book. He didn't open his school (Paul's Karate Studio) in San Francisco until 1957, around the same time John Leoning came to California.
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    Well, I'm not really sure what you're getting at here with this one. Leoning came up with that name etc. much later than 1957 etc. I've seen one of the certificates that he issued from that organization. I believe this was the same organization that gave it's stamp of approval to Sonny Gascon's Karazenpo in the late '60's. Again, it was Leoning's own thing with some other fellow that ran it with him.

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    I am asking you to tell me when the picture was taken approx, or/and what era, simple. I can not see or get the download for some reason? If it is all right could you e-mail it to me? My filter will not allow it in for some reason.
    The e-mail add. (Yahoo is good for that reason) you have will though, I believe.

    The other fellow comment, would that be Share K. Lew??? Then that is a clue to me.

    Thanks for the information.
    Your extra comment is an attempt to imply you know more than I or my looking into it is late, of course it is, in comparison to your's. If you had not gotten me banned so many years ago I would have talked about it then.

    Being the things I said or did were just observations and apparently figuring banning me would stop my knowledge (you go to Bullshido and carry on like loons, disrespect for all outside your org.) that I had since I was in the school of John Leonings...Something you have said I was never there until of late Hmmmmmmmmmm...I am still here and won't go away...Why all this?

    It is because of the dribble that was being said back then about Bruce Juchnik and John Leoning, and you calling me a 13 year old, when in fact you knew I was not.

    Now we are having a fairly good discussion yet you are still concerned about what might be said, sad really, truth cannot nor will it be blotted out just because of political alliance...

    Does not happen in a free location like some of these boards are. Some are not. You seem to think San Jose Kenpo is different than the board you run, it is not.


    So Paul Pung left Hawaii after Mitose or about the same time? Not several years earlier? Where did Mitose first go to, regarding the Mainland? Your thoughts?

    Was there a connection to all this, or was it random?

    To both:

    Paul Pung is just a connection simple. No devious reason, looking for the truth. See one of the reasons for asking questions are the implications and the insecure responses at times.

    Sides and stories interesting.

    I am trying to share and hoping you will also. If I had not posted Will's remarks I would not have gotten your answer. No I don't want to join to find out. Thanks anyway. LOL

    PS John, I was banned from BS because of some not wanting to go into what we were talking about. Again banned for a reason you were behind. Hmmm

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    Gary, please don't log on in the morning until you've had your lithium :eek: .
    Without it, you start to babble and carry on about this conspiracy against you :yeleyes: . Get a clue. Nobody has the power to follow you around the internet and get you banned everywhere you post.
    The only one causing you to be banned from so many forums, is you.
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  15. BGile

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    No, I have only been banned from where you post and are big buddies...
    Now they know I am real and not 13 years old... :rolleyes: I wish I could be 18 again, you know the song right????
    I have heard from many, that you are connected. ;)

    There you go again attacking poor old me :D :D Lithium hummm.

    But the way of lifes cycle's are, we can only wait and find out.
  16. BGile

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    Interesting, the certificate you show???

    John Bishop has said the man never trained with Johnny and no one remembered. So is this the one on Charles web site before he died and was maligned by you guys?

    Now you are showing me the certificate of 4th degree Hmmmm

    I really appreciate that you show me this. Honest! I am not ungrateful...

    Here is the thing, I really am only searchig for the truth and when this is shown, along with what has been said and the maligning of others it makes me just dig deeper. You could have just shown the picture and this would have never been an issue...

    But in all fairness to Johnny and Charles it should be ammended and be put in this thread, that it was a mistake and you apologize. :Angel:
  17. DAnjo

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    Appologize for what exactly? I'm not even sure what you're talking about. This is a certificate from 1970 from Leoning's organization for a Charles Fisher. Is there something else I'm not getting here?
  18. John Bishop

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    Yes that is a pretty good paste up on that certificate. Nice how the "Yodan" covers the real rank on the certificate. Be nice to see the original.
    And yes, none of Leoning's black belts ever heard of Fisher. Quite odd to have a student go all the way up to 4th degree, and none of his fellow black belts ever heard of him. Hmmmm
    And it's pretty odd that the address he gives for Leoning's school was, and still is a apartment building. Hmmmm

    No, people have told you the truth, but it's not what you want to hear, so you accuse them of being liars, or having a agenda. What's your favorite word for it? Oh yes, "duplicity".

    What picture are you talking about? I've got many pictures from those days. Didn't you take some back then? It sure would help me believe that you were actually who you said you were.

    Well, I've got no Sicilian blood in me. So who are your saying I'm connected to? Maybe Yakuza :eek:
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    Well, time to talk to your sensei Danjo.

  20. DAnjo

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    Sigh, I think you mean sifu or Professor. Whatever. Look closely at the certificate Gary Look around the edges of the words etc. Looks like they've been cut off of something else and pasted on another piece of paper No?

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