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Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by murphy81, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. murphy81


    I have been looking around for JKD teaching in Guildford & Surrounding areas. I dont drive, so I need something fairly close to home.

    I found a school on the net - PFM Academy http://www.pfmacademy.com/

    Has anyone heard of this? It looks pretty good, does anyone know of the school, or any othe schools in and around Guildford?
  2. Stuart Rider

    Stuart Rider Valued Member

    Yep, well worth training with. Both these guys know their stuff.
    If they are close enough would not bother looking elsewhere.
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  3. murphy81


    Have you trained with the both of them? Have heard great things about Terry Valler, and also good things about Stephen Thorpe. Terry Valler's fitness training appeals to me aswell.

    If you have trained with them, which areas did you cover, and are the lessons worth the money?
  4. Stuart Rider

    Stuart Rider Valued Member

    I was training under Ralph the same time as Steve.
    Not met Terry but know of him through Steve.
  5. stuartpaulpeter

    stuartpaulpeter New Member

    Well worth it

    Its a really good class. I trained with Terry at his first class he used to do in Guildford. We did stuff with Hook and Jab pads, Thai pads, lots of great Kali stuff (empty hand, stick and knife), padded stick sparring (great fun), normal sparring, Filipino grappling and loads more. Really good, cant wait for these new classes to start. I would definitely recommend it, especially since your in Guildford and they don't charge the earth for classes. Terry trains with some big names, so he knows his stuff. I have met Steve a few times through Terry and he is phenomenal too.
  6. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    hey guys,thanks for the kind comments.
    stuart rider, be nice to meet you in person some time
  7. Stuart Rider

    Stuart Rider Valued Member

    Tel, next time i'm down in London i will let you and Steve know.
  8. SiAiS

    SiAiS Moved on

    If you get stuck, check out Kamon Wing Chun... their classes are pretty good, if you can be patient with them. It is mostly pure Wing Chun, but the also have Brazilian Ju Jitsu throw in, I believe that Kevin Chan, who is their lineage holder, is a black belt with the Gracies too. You can find them here:


    ...and they were in the back of a church, just over and beyond the high street somewhere.
  9. SiAiS

    SiAiS Moved on

    oh, also, if you're really interested in martial arts, look for a guy called Ben, who teaches Tai Chi and Long Fist Kung Fu... he is a really excellent teacher, who I didn't have the good fortune to recognise, while I was still local. Last time he was teaching at the Univeristy/College just above Park Barn. You can probably find him on TaiJiFinder.co.uk
  10. stuartpaulpeter

    stuartpaulpeter New Member

    Hi, Yep, I trained there for a while. It is good, but very very little BJJ in there during the standard lessons (they dont have mats). It is a very rigid style which i didnt like (one reason i prefer JKD). It had a good warm up though and the chain punching drills are very useful.
  11. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    I know ben very well and taught along side him.

    at the pfm we now teach two nights a week, wednesday and thursday from 7 til 10. check out the new site. www.guildfordjkd.co.uk
  12. DontMoveTilUCIt

    DontMoveTilUCIt Valued Member

    The Kamon Guildford class is very good

    The handy thing with Kamon is that once you pay the monthly fees you can train at any of their venues (there is a class in Woking for example), so you could end up training every day if you were sadistic enough

    But the instructor (Kevin Humphries) is very good and very knowledgable on the fighting front. If you find him too rigid, maybe try another class in Kamon to smooth it out

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