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    I guess Aegis kind of said this already, but jutsu and jitsu are both Romanized approximations of a word that was never meant to be written with Roman letters. Neither one can really claim to be the "right" one.
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    You're annoyed that people are attempting phonetic spelling of a word from another language? Yeah sorry, you'll get minimal sympathy from me on that one.
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    Judo, jyudo, jiudo, or yudo?
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    yudo obviously, as the koreans invented everything, including air.
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    When refering to Japanese Juujutsu, spell it with a "u" because no modern Japanese romanization uses "i" for "う."

    As for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I don't know how they pronounce it. (I have already demonstated my ignorance of Brazilian Portuguese.) -.-
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