Japheth and Ham, Noah’s sons and Martial Arts in Old Indonesia

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    That's why I know that as improbable as it seems,

    Noah was a member of a race of reptilian humanoids, who were both prehistoric and scientifically advanced sentient humanoids who predate the dawn of man; they went into self-induced hibernation to survive what they predicted to be a large atmospheric upheaval caused by the Earth capturing the moon, and their still dream in suspended animation, deep inside the hollow earth.

    Which has more evidence for it then your story.
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    I’m trying to figure out if you are just putting us on for a laugh, or if you are indeed a Science denier of the nth degree.

    When people go this far into idiocy, I am hesitant to accept that they believe what they are saying. I always think, this must be a joke, nobody could possibly be so ignorant as to believe this.

    So what is it, just so I am clear on your position?
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    Hmmm...this explains the aircraft carrier design of the arc for alien spacecraft much better than my unsubstantiated theory about vacations and swimming..... THANKS :)
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    I am SO GLAD my name isn't Ham.
  5. David Silver

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    Also, it isn't an issue of religion vs science.

    The Bible isn't so much a book of fantasy / fiction, as it is a collection of historical documents, myths and oral traditions translated and edited 57 times, culled from earlier versions of the same stories from Egypt which were copies from the earliest versions of the exact same stories 4 -5,000 years earlier on Sumerian clay tablets...

    The flood happened 11,600 years ago aka the Younger Dryas, the world history was almost entirely erased, and it might/can/probably should happen again soon.
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    Good night-what is this member on?

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    Attempted some editing but my poor connection fritzed and now it's too late. 29 minute editing window is a bit short.Ah, vell.
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    When you try to use the holly bibble as a scientific and historical document, then it is an issue of science vs. religious fantasy.

    I’m sorry, just so I am clear, are you referring to an actual Noah flood with all that is part of the biblical reference? Or something else? Because there was no World flood, with Noah and an ark and all the animals and such. And sure as day, no dinosaurs since long before humans have walked the earth. Just so we are clear on that.
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    oh the bibble.
    Yeah, Im not defending the original post or the Bible or the Noah story. But I did read Gilgamesh.
    And, no dinosaurs for quite a while, indeed

    Im saying that the Noah flood myth, like all of the dozens of ancient global flood stories from every culture on Earth, is likely a very poor edit of a translation of a retelling of a 10,000 year old story from the Younger Dryas freeze/melt/freeze/melt flood experience on Earth in which many species died, and probably multiple earlier civilizations were destroyed. Don't throw the bibble out with the bath water, as they say. Younger Dryas Event Extinction in the Prehistoric Period
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    Yeah...that pesky Younger Dryas throws a monkey wrench into a lot of alleged ancient claims
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    Actually, great flood myths have been seen across the world, from the Aztecs, to the Epic of Gilgamesh in Mesopotamia (some think part of the Old Testament was based off of this), to Chinese, and many other ancient cultures.

    But I agree, I don't think there are many that believe a man put millions of species on a wooden boat, but perhaps these stories are rooted in some reality. Perhaps something passed down from some of the many small and large ice ages in human history which could have disrupted the lives of coastal inhabitants (we do know for a fact the cold did, as Northern European populations had to move south around the Iberian peninsula for some time).

    There are also many cultures that claim they are descendants of the ancient religious figures, such as being in the lineage of Abraham, or one of the descendants of Noah's children. In medieval times, it was claimed that Europeans were Japhetites (descendants of Japhetite), while Semites were the descendants of Shem and Hamites the descendants of Ham. Interestingly, this would have meant that Ashkenazim were the descendants of Japhetite as well. Shakespeare even mentioned this.

    Of course, I don't believe there is any evidence of this. Cultures naturally want to be able to point to something that they were or accomplished to take pride in.
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    Yes, the flood myth is common to many ancient cultures, and could be rooted in a real event, a local flood. But not a world-wide flood with an ark and all of the animals of the world on board, and the only humans who survive the flood, from which we are all descended. That is nonsense.

    I wonder: were there fish on the ark?
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    Most of the older stories aren't from Egypt,tho' the general eastern Mediterranean shares a common body of tales/outlooks.

    Unsure what you mean by "the world history was almost entirely erased"-didn't effect a lot of rock art,cave paintings,carvings etc.

    As to lost ancient civilizations...

    We have hominid garbage dating back millions of years.We have homo sapien sapien garbage dating back 200,000+ years.We find our bones. Any ancient civs would leave garbage behind. We don't find any. You can go out on the Sahara and find hand axes pre-dating our species by millions of years,we find pre homo sapien sapien skullcaps in Kenya but we can't find any evidence anywhere of anything one could refer to as civilization pre 3500 BC or so.Anywhere. Even the oldest stone structures don't signify civilization,just culture.

    It may be considered significant also that none of the most ancient art we've ever seen-carvings,paintings etc- show images of anything,like say a town,which could point to even a remote possibility of earlier civs. I wish there were.

    Many cultures in the "Biblical" sphere. One may note that India,China,Polynesia,Zululand and others don't make these claims.The only reason this particular stuff became widespread is due to the rise of new dominating religions -Christianity and Islam.

    You do know that the native peoples of the Americas are the descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel,right?

    Or is it that they are the descendants of the Welsh? Or the Welsh are descended from the 10 tribes? Or.......
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    If you like it, iron sky, and iron sky 2 are well worth a watch too:

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    I have picture evidence of my claims!
    Which counts for more, then real evidence ever will!

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    Love the mullet. Love Boris Vallejo.
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    no, the ark was extremely structurally sound designed for wave see whitcomb'e book "the world that Perished" lot of amazing pieces of info cd

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