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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Simon, Feb 21, 2015.

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    I'm calling it right now: Mayweather by UD.
  3. Hannibal

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    Slightly controversial, but Mayweather by late stoppage - I think this will be his last fight and he will want a punctuation mark on it
  4. belltoller

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    I've vacillated back and forth but after rewatching many of Mayweather's fights recently, I've rediscovered the genius that is Mayweather.

    Though I think he to have a great deal of trouble, possibly, from a very determined Pacquiao, he will do the calculations and adjust accordingly.

    Mayweather by unanimous decision.
  5. Mushroom

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    I believe..................................................
    Mayweather by boring decision
  6. Pretty In Pink

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    Floyd via split decision from a dodgy judge!
  7. matveimediaarts

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    AKA Freedom Dollars (TM). ;)
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  9. qazaqwe

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  10. belltoller

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    Any Jack Slack is a must-read.
  11. aikiMac

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    I wish. PPV here is $100 for high-definition, a little less for regular.

    I'm in the camp expecting a unanimous decision for Mayweather. That's what my brain predicts. My heart wants Pac to win, but ... :cry:
  12. Prizewriter

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    A lot of people have said Pacman has lost, so he has less pressure than Mayweather but there is a flipside to that coin... if things start going against Manny early on his losses may come back to haunt him and play on his mind. His last defeat was only 4 fights ago.

    Like everyman and his dog, Money by UD.
  13. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Some reason, this fight isn't getting me all that excited.

    Will probably wait to wait the highlights on BBC Breakfast while I'm eating Coco Pops.
  14. belltoller

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    What I meant was those seeing the PPV in the UK via Sky will pay the rough equivalent to $30 US. Many of the popular sports bars here in the States won't be carrying it due to the cost. They'd have to charge $50 US cover charge per head just to break even in some circumstances.

    Yeah...a rule of thumb - the excitement generated in an actual fight is inversely proportional to the square of its hype.

    But...wouldna it be crackers to wake up the next day and find Manny had given him the hidin' of a lifetime?
  15. qazaqwe

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    Or even that Floyd has trouble keeping him at distance, and out of desperation brawls with him, I mean, i won't be unhappy if Money wins if he earns it.
  16. belltoller

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    I think we're on the same page.

    I enjoy watching both for different reasons. They've been showing many of the previous bouts this last week from each fighter and I was surprised that I found myself enjoying Mayweather's bouts ( for the most part ) more than Pacquiao's.

    Maybe it due to the heightened interest that I have in the technical aspects of defencive boxing that I have now as opposed to the past. Being in the ring gives one a vastly increased appreciation for the skill involved in slipping out of harms way than one would have otherwise.

    I warn't all that keen on Mayweather till the last couple of years - preferring to see the more "action-oriented" Pacquiao.

    Oh, I see your monitoring my dream cycle as I sleep, lol. Money won't brawl out of desperation but rather by careful design, that is if things go his way for the preponderance of the fight. If Mayweather feels he has the fight well in hand he may just well have a Plan AII that calls for bringing-it in the last rounds - to "solidiy his legacy".

    Most will dismiss the notion of Mayweather being anything but ultra-safe with Pacquiao, from a defencive boxing strategy point of view, as being so unFloyd-like its beyond the realm of possibility but I think it a possibility and is one of several scenarios that Mayweather has trained for. I think we saw a little of that willingness in the first Maidana fight.

    It will require, however, a slower trigger-pulling Manny who's presented little threat in the rounds leading up to the championships for Floyd to throw caution to the wind ( as much as its possible for FMJ to throw caution out the window)) and engage in some serious trading with Pacquiao.

    I think Mayweather would like to do it but he isn't going to if he feels really threatened - now that would simply be...unFloydly.

    The question is, will Manny Pacquiao be that far removed from the fighter he was in his prime? Probably not. Not that far removed; which leaves Floyd (and us) with Plan AI - Manny chasing Floyd around the ring all night.
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  17. qazaqwe

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    Yeah, i get the strangest looks from the uninitiated when i keep saying the most impressive part of boxing isn't hitting people, but rather not letting people hit you.

    But you are right, he's probably going to try to hop on the backpedal for most of the fight, and only bring arms to bear if he feels he's in no danger, but still, a lad can dream.
  18. Yatezy

    Yatezy One bad mamba jamba

    As much as I agree with Plan AI, it hurt my brain reading that :p

    And this is probably the reason I personally enjoy watching Mayweather. From a technical point of view he boxers perfectly. Hits without being hit.
  19. puma

    puma Valued Member

    Could be decided on a cut!

    Mayweather for me. Depends on whether PAC decides to just try to survive, or whether he goes out on his shield. Wouldn't be surprised to see the towel come in between rds 8-10. But the safe bet is Mayweather on points. First 2 rds may be close while Floyd figures him out. Although one punch can change everything of course, I just cant see what Manny can do with him.
  20. 47MartialMan

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    Pac is the underdog. iI they go the distance, he will loose the decision

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