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    Maybe its similar to the psychology where you have a couple in a relationship (A & B). B starts cheating with person C. Person C decides it is best for them to convince B to leave A and be with C.
    It should be relatively obvious to C that B will cheat on them, but they convince themselves somehow that the person won't.
    Even when person B goes on to cheat with person D, and leaves C for D, D will convince themselves that the first two times were aberrations and of course B wouldn't do that to them.
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    I have to admit I have a much harder time looking at issues people have that can be solved by "don't do that" than I do other issues that can't be solved with that.
    It's a flaw I have.
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    Jessy Jess has a youtube channel. By her own admission she has certain issues. Its hard for her to make up her mind, she is impuslsive and erratic, I get the feeling she is naturally submissive. But I kind of understand how she got caught up in an abusive relationship. Not that im a psychologist or anything.
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