is there any ninjutsu class in dubai

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by deathmetal, May 4, 2011.

  1. deathmetal

    deathmetal Valued Member

    is there any ninjutsu class in dubai? there are some people who have claimed to do ninjutsu I can give you their facebook page :
    also this summer after i finish my igcse exams (if theres no ninjutsu over here) im going to india and fortunately there seems to be a school (bujinkan) but im not so sure i will give you the link:
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  2. Ace of Clubs

    Ace of Clubs Banned Banned

    It's a training group but it should be good.

    Start Judo and Boxing first to see if you are up to scratch... and ready for the commitment.
  3. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    These are good people who trained with me when they lived in the UK

    I'd suggest that you go meet them and see if you like it
  4. Count Duckula

    Count Duckula Valued Member

    I've never boxed because I don't fancy someone regularly hitting me hard in the head. I've had one bad concussion in my life. That's enough. I need my head to generate income. It's one thing to accept the risk of training accidents, it's quite another to choose something where getting hit in the head is a regular thing.

    I've practiced judo for a while in addition to modern jujutsu (jiu-jitsu it was called). I've quit judo because I found it boring and counter intuitive. That is just down to personal preferences. Not lack of effectiveness or something like that.

    So by those 2 admissions, I am not worthy to learn ninpo?
  5. Ace of Clubs

    Ace of Clubs Banned Banned

    You don't need to spar full contact to do boxing.

    I never gloved up and got into a boxing ring because of the reason you mentioned, but that didn't stop me from hitting the bag for a few hours and doing some striking drills.

    Judo and Boxing have their limits, but if you train them with the right mind set and with safety in mind they are a good foundation imo.
  6. deathmetal

    deathmetal Valued Member

    ok thanks guys but what about in india?

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