Is kempo really a good self defense?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Floorismyfriend, Nov 1, 2003.

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  1. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Yes you are insulting my intelligence and experience, but don't worry about it, I like giving sympathy to the mentally ill....

    I was once a little guy like you and I always ended up having to protect myself against guys much larger and stronger than me and I found out how to turn certain situations to my advantage.

    I grew much bigger, but still apply the same lessons now. After all, unless you absolutely have to, then you don't 'Grapple a Grappler' and you don't 'Box a Boxer'.

    (One of the reasons that I surmise that Kwan Jang and the others haven't continued answering this thread, isn't because they don't have the answers, it's just that you don't seem to be listening).

    Ice Hockey fights happen that way because it's impossible to knee or kick when on skates on the ice-all you can do is grab, shove, push and/ or hold on for balance and wail away with punches.

    And yes I see what you are saying about reach and range, but what would happen if instead of being grabbed and trying to match the guy with the longer reach and greater strength, punch for punch like they do, you capitalise on that grab and turn it to yr advantage?

    Besides we are not talking about Ice Hockey-Fu, we are talking about 'relatively normal' conditions. Unless you plan on starting fights at the local Ice Rink?

    (I would suggest you get hold of some Earl Montaigue Video Tapes for this, he's done a really good one about Grappling and how to turn Grabbing/ Holding/ Grappling attacks against you to yr advantage, he's a Ex-Wrestler and much-respected Tai Chi Chuan/ Bagua instructor). This is what basic Ju Jitsu techniques etc, be it BJJ or JJJ are for. You'd know all this if you took some classes...

    (NB When you originally came onto this forum, you stated that punching was useless, 'much better to kick and Grapple', now you seem to be a big fan of punching, have you changed yr mind, or did you get smacked in the head a few times?)

    Also he has grabbed you, not locked you or armbarred but a simple grab, even if it is under duress and there is much huffing and puffing. He has now used one of his hands, you have two spare, capitalise upon such things, before he can punch you (Insert way here).

    You seem to think very much along the lines of 'If he punches, I have to punch too' or 'if he grapples I have to grapple too'.

    Only Martial Artists have these daft sentiments and conversations. ask any normal, supposedly 'untrained' guy what they do and they'd probably say 'Whatever's neccessary or available'. It really is that simple, there are no set gameplans.

    Once again, just because you are in grappling range, doesn't mean to say that you have to grapple, just that you probably will.
    Look at any Muay Thai bout, just because one guy goes for a Clinch doesn't mean to say that the other reciprocates, sometimes they may, if they feel that they can gain some advantage in the Clinch, sometimes they will keep striking, sometimes they will use body movement and go for a throw. Same goes for a one on one Conflict.

    As for punching leverage etc, that's a whole different thread in itself and I don't have the time.

    Goto some classes and work this stuff out, the situation really isn't as impossible as you figure it to be and purposefully work against bigger stronger people.

    And as you are very fond of stating, you can always run, which with your current state of knowledge, is probably the best option, until you either learn to deal with this stuff or get into some serious S and M.
  2. matsloth

    matsloth New Member

    kenpo self defence

    hi ,sokklab ,i am unsure of why i still retort to this lad,and i think everyone is getting bored,i just cant help myself!,its like,he will get it this time ?,but floor please get yourself some proper training,stop whatching so much television,you have a forum of some very experienced martial artists ,we arnt just saying it for fun,these are tryed and tested methods,not w w f !,if you have a point make it !,stick with it!,but understand it first,most of these guys have been training longer than you have been alive,maybe you dont understand some of the concepts that have been posted,if it dont work train harder,if it still dont work train even harder,one day you will go ahhhhhhhh!!!!!now i get it .

    ps can someone start a new thread !!!!!
    ps floor i hope you get over it soon!!!!!!
  3. Floorismyfriend

    Floorismyfriend New Member

    I am sorry you took my comment as an insult because it was not intended to insult you. Calm down start breathing. This is just a technical discussion about self defense not some flame war.

    First of all maybe you misunderstood my past post in this thread about punching.

    You said that against a larger fighter you have to "get in close" and start punching and elbowing then I said unless you wrap both your hands around him you would be giving him even better leverage for stronger punches like hooks and upercuts.

    Then you said something about you shouldnt grapple against somone taller and stronger but by "getting in close" aren't you giving him something to grip on and it would eventually end up a grappling fight unless he grabs your shirt and uses it as leverage to pull you in with every punch and push you away evrytime you wanna punch back and eventually just make your face into a bloody pulp?

    Plz tell me how you plan to defend against something like this other than rolling around in the dog crap, condoms, broken glass, and hypodermic needles(as you say the streets are in your neighborhood) unless you just plan to use your face to block all of his punches.

    Plz answer without having to flame this time i would really appreciate it.
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  4. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Overreaction function disabled on this thread.

    Pray continue. ;)
  5. matsloth

    matsloth New Member

    kenpo self defence

    now this is boring !!!!!!!!!!give up !!!!!!!!!
    you would get more sense out of a one legged hamster that has just had a full frontal labotomy after going mad whatching to much n h b fighting re runs ,
  6. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    I'm not angry or insulted, just that I can't help taking the P1ss, as you are giving it away.

    My comment about punching refers to when you first crash landed onto this forum and not this thread in particular.

    If you remember, in The Submission Grappling thread, you posted something along the lines of 'Punching is useless' hence why many people, started saying that the floor is where you will find yrself etc.

    So why now are you so enamoured with punching, a coupla weeks ago you weren't bothered by it effecting yr super grappling takedown skills and now it seems to be the only thing that rocks your universe.

    I'll answer the rest, (for I am a bottomless pit) in a mo.
    Bear with me.
  7. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    If you guys can't discuss this without people getting upset and reporting posts, I'm afraid I've godda lock this one down.
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