Intimidation ( The oh S**T Factor)

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Darren Laur, May 17, 2003.

  1. AndyMac

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    Just remember this saying.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Someone who knows what they're talking about.

    The whole idea of intimidation is to win without striking at all, or at least to gain advantage over the one they are 'intimidating.'

    Whether it be by being energetic when you're about to sparr, or looking really cocky at all times, or keeping your cool and looking serious, intimidation goes both ways and it's usually easy to know who's being intimidated.

    Easiest way to avoid it? You just need to realise that as easily as you can punch yourself in the gut, cut your toe, fall off a bed even, hurting yourself, you can hurt him in the exact same ways. Kick his knee, poke him in the eye etc. all these things are moves you can use if you're begining to worry. Heck, it may not be nice, but a little re-assurance when you're getting worried works!

    I don't tend to get intimidated, simply because i'm too over-confident and energetic, i LOVE to sparr (i don't mind fights either, but i try to avoid them if necessary, words are the best way to solve something) and that's why i come off as intimidating to some people when they go up against me, because they know they don't get an advantage and think i've got them all figured out or they think that i think it'll be easy for me to beat them.

    It's all in the head. :bang: :p
  2. Sgt_Major

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    I agree totally.....

    And in how you carry yourself. Too much swagger does you as much harm as not enough. Confidence shows itself.

    Snob> When I was security Guard (Retail) I was always the one the managers picked to go with them on the daily cash runs......that in itself also helps with confidence.....when other people see it in you, and it is acknowledged.
  3. funkymonk

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    Does that include the likes of Tank Abbot, Tito Ortiz or Frank Shamrock ?
    If you don't fear any of these guys you must be a very,very good MA or mental or both!! :eek:
  4. Nrv4evr

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    Florida Warlock, you watch too many movies. Are you telling me, you've never thought, "Holy crap, what did I do?" when you see someone twice your size approaching you? Only a fool is not afraid. Fear makes you wary. I think you'd be a bit edgy, if Mike Tyson came up to you in a sleeveless shirt, no? :cool: Even professional fighters, although they don't admit it, were scared of Tyson in his prime. Just watch his fights. Fear was oozing out of every pore. :D Trust me, there will be one man who will scare you in your life time. Guaranteed.
  5. [webguru]

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    lol im from New Zealand and once i was out on town with a mate of mine who is Maori, and some random guy said a really racist comment about "maori being losers", and my maori friend went right up to him, put his nose right nxt to the guys nose, said something which i couldnt hear and then did a traditional war dance right in front of the guy. complete with yelling, the faces and the moves. lol the guy ran like 1/2 a mile. Afterwards my mate told me he said something about 'how all pakeha should be killed' but in reality i know he doesnt believe anything like that. lol it was just a total crack-up

    Anyways just to say that i think alot of white people have misconceptions and assumptions about black-skinned people, and it all stems from racial prejudices and 'fear of the unknown'.
  6. Jasonds23

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    I like the First lesson in Wushu.....Eye contact?

    I-f they see me, if they don't, my main intention is to
    break their defense long enough for a quick combo!

    No intimidation just swift...

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