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    Dave Baker


    3rd Dan


    Freestyle Ju Jitsu, Spirit Combat (1st Dan), Kempo Ju Jitsu (1st Dan) Recognized 1st Dan with Self Defence Federation and World Elite Black Belt Society

    Main Style: Freestyle Ju Jitsu

    Why is this your main style?

    It was the first Ju Jitsu class I went to before I did Spirit Combat or any other I liked the way the Instructors teaches the system for it was a very nice and relaxed atmosphere that I try and keep to even today.

    How long have you been training in the Arts?

    I started when I was 9 years old this was with Weapons and Kung Fu I did a lot of other Martial Arts until I started Ju Jitsu and is was the one for me and I have not looked back since.

    Any advice for people starting up in the Arts?

    Have fun and learn lots but also learn from each other.

    Greatest personal achievement in the Arts to date?

    Becoming the Head Instructor in Freestyle Ju Jitsu on 07/11/00 apart from that putting smiles on students faces when you show them how a technique works that's the best thing.

    Reason for continuing to train?

    I call it the BUG of once you get a real taste of Martial Arts it just doesn't let you go, Its great fun and you see people develop into great martial artists (you hope anyway)

    What else would you like to do and why?

    Tai Chi / Aikido it's more on the relaxing side I would also like to do Kempo Karate for I like the striking techniques they use.

    Is your style a 'complete' style? If so, why?

    I believe that all styles can learn from each other and we don't say that are style is the be end and end all of things for it isn't so no its not complete for if it was then you stop learning and your never do that.

    Have you competed? If so, in what? (Kata/Kumite)

    Yes I have been on a couple of ones (nothing to scream at though) most were sport Ju Jitsu, but I never realy liked it to be honest.

    Who you most admire in the Arts and why?

    Kancho Bill Cox 7th Dan - For I do not know a better Instructor at his level (personal opinion) but most of all anyone that walks into the door and becomes a student for they are the real ones you learn from and they are the ones that keep it alive and the art then grows and grows and they teach you more about martial arts than most Instructors will for it's all about learning and the end of the day.

    Do you think it's appropriate for kyu grades to help teach? If so, why? If not, why not?

    We let 3rd Kyu's teach for in my opinion, teaching is a great learning stage!!! But not just that it lets the student develop teaching techniques that suit him/her and then there confidence comes out more and they also have the pleaser of saying I showed them that.

    Melanie Box

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sensei Baker at the UK Meet and took part in his session. He managed to demonstrate lots of techniques, clearly and concisely and managed to make us laugh a bit too. One thing I do remember is he said "Keep an eye on your stances, and wiggle". He gave me a video to watch of a seminar he gave a while back, I noticed he said it there too. Must be his little catchphrase J

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