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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Shantari, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    Post pics of you playing your instrument, or just the instrument its self!

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  2. Wax

    Wax Valued Member

    Sitting back after a bit day at Mt Arapiles. I've had this accoustic for years. It's big and heavy and kills your tips to play but it has a great bass. I dropped it off a balcony once and put a nice crack in the back of it... which made it sound even better.

  3. danege

    danege New Member

    Heres my baby.


  4. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Here are my two babies (excuse the crappy quality, I had to use my phone cam, I'll post a better one when I figure out what's wrong with my digital camera)
    The one on the left is a 1998 Ibanez RG570 retrofitted with DiMarzio Evolution humbuckers and a HS-2 hum-cancelling single coil in the middle and the one on the right is an original run Gibson Gothic Series Explorer (one of the only 5 that made it to this country if the dude as Rosetti is to be believed, after that they released a production line model). I played the Ibanez live pretty extensively in a couple of bands but the Explorer's never seen combat; something I'm hoping to rectify by the end of the year
    At the end of the week, they're getting treated to a shiny new amp :D

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  5. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member

    lol, all my pics are taken by camera phone, i cant afford :bang: a digital camera
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  6. DaveMustaine

    DaveMustaine New Member

    These pictures are from the bcrich guitars custom shop area. This guitar is exactly identical to mine.

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  7. Shantari

    Shantari Valued Member


    Hopefully i can find myself an electric guitar this weekend, im headed for the flea market and they have some great deals!( half those guitars are probably stolen)
  8. gojuman

    gojuman Valued Member

  9. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    Seeing as though I'm the new mod on this section I figured I might as well post my little collection of gear!

    My set-up: Pretty crappy but not bad for what it is AXL Tiger Pro (copy of something, I'm not hot on guitar names), Marshall MGDFX100 with footswitch, Zoom 3000 board and rocker pedal and old Yamaha acoustic at the side. Despite all this, I still suck because I haven't practiced. I am however practicing plenty now and finally getting better :)

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  10. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    My new baby just arrived today. She's a Parker Hornet PM20 in the limited run quilted bubinga top with honeyburst finish (standard models are either natural quilted bubinga or quilted maple with honeyburst finish). It's really well designed (the heel section is one of the most innovative I've seen), plays like a dream, sounds great and looks pretty damned sweet too :D
    Yes, I threw a sickie to wait for her to arrive today. Yes, I'm a terrible person. Yes, I'm comfortable with that :Angel:

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