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    We could argue on semantics. From a professional level (I am a teacher) the line is crossed when new material is introduced. Tutors re-enforce and help students understand material that teachers have introduced in class, usually working on an individual basis. They do not introduce new material or conduct a class.

    Like I said, I’m happy, and would encourage students to help each other learn under my supervision, even to conduct parts of a class like kihon or taiso. I would not accept or expect them to conduct a class without my supervision unless they had the qualification to do this (minimum level 1 coaching accreditation). To do so would be in direct conflict with the MAIA policy (the peak governing body for martial arts in Australia), risk losing insurance coverage and be against the risk management policy for my club.
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    Which is moot because in this scenario no new material is ever going to be presented. Again the question isn't asking if a bb should be able to creaate a curriculum. It's whether he can teach what he's been taught before. If he can't, the question that should be asked is if he really learned the material to begin with and therefore is he still deserving of a bb?
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    If they are only helping someone understand what they have been taught previously and not teaching them a new technique, and I am supervising the class then there is not a problem.

    Do I expect a BB to be able to teach or even tutor someone? No, there is a huge difference in being able to do something and being able to pass this knowledge on in a satisfactory manner. As I said earlier, I don’t know your syllabus, but most BB tests do not test for the ability to teach and most BB syllabus don’t include teaching skills. Teaching is an entirely different skill set. I’ve seen kyu grade students explain how techniques work better than some yudansha grades. This is not to say the kyu grade knows the technique better, just that they can teach it better. All that I expect from a BB is that they can do the techniques themselves.

    This is also why in Shorinji Kempo it is very difficult to get permission to teach, and in fact not only requires approval from the board of WSKO, it also requires and interview with one of the WSKO Board members, the OK from your teacher and the completion of a Branch Masters Course. Everyone can help within a class, but some people just aren’t good at explaining techniques or watching others and seeing where they are going wrong. To expect everyone, even if they have a yudansha rank to be a teacher is just not practical.

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Your class is your class and you should conduct it the way you feel is appropriate.
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