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Discussion in 'Silat' started by serakmurid, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. PDTBuktiNegara

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    you could also do alot better!
  2. Tuankaki

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    Well, that wasn't at all necessary from my point of view, but thanks VERY much for clearing things up. The only thing I would add here, simply for the record, is that none of the following people EVER said or posted anything, anywhere, that was derogatory toward Guru Plinck. These people were VDT seniors during the past 10 years, who are no longer associated with VDT:

    Bob Vanatta, Mike Roberto, Chris Geilen, Mike Choate, Ron Miller, & Jerry McCleary.

    There are others who may have been viewed as seniors during this time, but I will not speak for them here, simply because I am not in regular contact with them. That said, I have NEVER heard a single VDT senior speak or post poorly of Guru Plinck or his standing within the art while I was associated with them. Not "some", not "one" --- none.

    Guru Bob himself has students that are 10 years or more within the art. I will not name them here, but I consider them seniors and I have never heard any of them speak or post poorly of Guru Plinck.

    All of us recognize Guru Plinck as our senior within the art. He is arguably senior to everyone in the PDT line, and many of us have training from that side as well, both from years ago and again more recently under Guru Plinck's guidance. Guru Bob was training with Paul deThouars close to 20 years ago, Ron Miller was training with Paul deThouars over 10 years ago, etc.

    I'm not going to involve myself in any of the dick waving, but I felt this was probably the right time to put this particular aspect to rest in the spirit of what a friend calls a "fair and balanced record".

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    Really? care to elaborate?
  4. tellner

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    Somewhere in the background I hear valves opening and sparkers striking. The moderators wearily get out the whips, pistols and chairs preparing to herd the combatants back into their cages ;)
  5. Silatyogi

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    "Ahhhhhh yeeeeeeah about those TPS reports..."

    Well lets give credit where credit is really due....If it wasn't for Guru Dan Inosanto's promoting of Silat & the Dethaours Bros, they would have not seen the light they have seen in the martial art community and would have not have had the stage for the public's eye.


  6. Silatyogi

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    I am sure it has some value to it....Post some video on it and I can tell you for sure "where" it comes from and I would almost bet its either a piece of Maurice, Paul, Rudy Terlinden or Inosanto........or better yet Aikido.
  7. Tuankaki

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    Just a note... I edited my post, as I realized that I had incorrectly hyphenated "dick waving". Carry on.
  8. taoizt

    taoizt Valued Member

    On a side-note, I'm very curious about some videos of Guru Plinck. Has anyone a good link to a video on YouTube or Google or something else? I have seen him in an old video and back then I wasn't particularly impressed with the moves and found the use of sneakers in Silat very strange, but I guess thats an American thing. I myself am from the Netherlands so have seen and experienced some silat and pukulan. Back then I didn't have a clue about the moves of silat or pukulan but by now I should be able to rate his movements more properly :)

    So...anyone have a (recent?) video of the much raved about Steven Plinck?

    Greetings and thanx in advance,
  9. Sgt_Major

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    **Whips, pistols and chairs at the ready

    But lets stay with the discussion, it'll be cleaner that way ;)

    Please gentlemen, lets not dig up old bones and make them dance for us - its really not becoming.
  10. serakmurid

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    Thank you, Sgt Major
    I have heard alot of good about Guru Plinck.
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  11. mikechoate

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    Yeh people are allways saying that I'm full of IT!
    Maybe that's what thay are refering to.
  12. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    Out of respect to everyone here and everyone in the Serak Community and my Teacher Guru Cliff Stewart, I would like to make something very clear.
    What I meant by Completing my Sera training was that I had Learned the 18 djurus of Serak as taught to me by my teacher and its Langkahs. It is my teacher's interpretation of Serak not anyone esles. I in no way meant to say that I have "mastered" the art nor had completed PDT's Serak, or studied Pak Vic's Serak nor Guru Plink's Serak. I don't claim to be anything special in the art, just someone very interested in it. I apologize if I offended anyone here & their teachers aswell.

    Also to make things clear for others as to what my teacher is teaching.

    Guru Cliff Stewart teaches Serak but its only a part of his very own system he has created known as "KILAT". Which is his interpretation of Pencak Silat. A culmination of Bukti Negara, Sera, Cimande, Silek Tuo, Harimau & Pressure Point and over 40 years of Martial Science experience. It contains its own Djurus Seperate of Sera & Bukti Negara.

    Thank you and best wishes to all Sera, Serak & Pencak Silat players,


    Santiago Dobles
  13. Wali

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    Guru Cliff has also been studying WaliSongo silat recently. A group of us have visited him and his group in L.A a few times. He's quite a character!
  14. taoizt

    taoizt Valued Member

    Too bad we don't see too many Serak players from America in Holland. From what I understand there are plenty of seminars in other European countries but somehow Holland is not visited. In Holland there are a lot of silat styles and pukulan styles because of our long relationship with Indonesia. A visit of for instance Guru Plinck to Holland would be really nice! :)
  15. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    Isn't there a Serak line there?

    Ventje Devrie's son doesn't teach??
  16. PDTBuktiNegara

    PDTBuktiNegara New Member

    the term base,angle ,lever ,did not come from bapak sera--but from the very knowedgleble stevan plink....

    that is quite possibly the stupidest comment i have ever heard. however the following about victor is true but i cant believe that you would type something so stupid.
  17. taoizt

    taoizt Valued Member

    Sure there are still some serak players in Holland, but they are pretty much off the I was curious as to when the serak guys from America will visit Holland :)
  18. Tuankaki

    Tuankaki Valued Member

    I know that Dr. Andre and some of his seniors visited about 4 or 5 years ago. Around the same time I had the pleasure of interacting with a DeVries student who was over here for a visit. In the "small world" department, Guru Plinck was instructing while I was paired up with him. Interesting - as I recall - he had been with them for 2 years and had not yet been shown a djuru. For him it had been 2 years of pukulan, pukulan, pukulan. Rock-n-roll!
  19. Steve Perry

    Steve Perry Valued Member

    Oh, Really?

    Ah, not as stupid as making unfounded comments, Grasshopper. Can you find anywhere that anybody used the terms "base, angle, and leverage" in the way that Guru Stevan Plinck means them before his Bukti video and the book Net Force came out?

    Any time-stamped record at all?

    You can't, because Guru Plinck came up with that terminlogy. He didn't invent the way it works, but he named it that, and unless you have some evidence to the contrary, your comment is, in a word, wrong.

    Nobody was using that terminology that way in public before they heard Guru Plinck use it. If you believe so, show me.

    Truth is, I've been in the art of Sera for a whle, have done a boatload of research, and I can't find enough evidence to demonstrate that Bapak Sera was a) a Badui and b) even existed -- though I believe he did exist.

    Nobody can find any record of him using the terms "base, angle, and leverage." I bet you can't, either.

  20. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    The funny thing is that most of them use the terminology but get it wrong.

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