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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Kempo Fighter, Jan 5, 2006.

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    My recent inactivity in the forums, as obviously noted from well ... my inactivity from the forum was caused from my cross-training expierience in TKD. Now, backing off from exact details, I will enumerate some small details to make my case.

    I began both schools, getting to each Dojo on time was no problem, but I notice differences in my fighting skills today because of my brief few month hiatus on training.

    I was able to deal with and learn almost all of the TKD material I was given, but after diligent work in both styles I noticed an unconcious change in my fighting demeanor. For one, upon sparring, if I drew into close quaters, I would box for about 5-10 seconds and then, for some reason instinctively draw to the distance and finish off with kicks. Now this form of fighting had mixed results leaning towards being better thne usual, but it kind of freaked me out to find out that my fighting style has changed slightly. Secondly, grappling changed. When it came to 'kempo-sparring', or sparring in which grappling + striking are legal, I noticed another unconscious change in my demeanor. I would still account for my usual amount of counters/takedowns, but now I have a tendency to move with an increased alacrity and go for takedowns, mostly because TKD, I assume from the results, prefers distance to close quaters, so ive ended up using distance dictated takedowns, I.E. Catching-Leg Sweeps, Seoi Nage & Pancake Slams (School Wrestling Technique). Now, on the whole this has had a beneficial impact on my fighting skill, but I noticed that TKD had an effect on my fighting style that I couldnt really reverse even when I consciously tried to stay closer then farther.

    Just felt I should document my TKD/SKK cross-training expierience. Now there is more to the story, but im killing time in class, and should probably do some actual work. Cheers.
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    I've found that when I did not analyze my every move, my fighting just 'developed'. I now do everything spontaneously. It began with building my form, spreed and precision.

    I can see where you are analyzing far too much here. Step back, try not to think so much, and just fight. Let what you've learned work. Your body will do it.

    Take care.

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    I understand, but for posterity's sake, I thought it prudent to document the changes & interaction 'twixt the two styles. As you well know, the question may be asked again, it'd be nice if people could point to this thread to answer any question they have instead of having to do so themselves.

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