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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Artemisia, Dec 7, 2013.

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    Artemisia, I have difficulty with torn ligaments and tendons in my right foot (ripped all the toes straight up and they didn't break, unfortunately, they ripped) and have had such pain in the ball of my foot I can no longer take any impact on it nor can I pivot effectively, much less run. Luckily I can kick with it in a shoe, or still effect a decent side kick.

    First and foremost we (Myself, Wife and our close friend) first teach awareness in our women's self defense courses. Second is avoidance, third is de-escalation (which is usually too late).

    Personally, I carry a cane. Both for physical support and for self defense. It's the only thing I know you can carry easily through airports and anywhere (except maybe jails and prisons).
    The down side is you are right handed and lead right. A cane is easy to adapt to FMA techniques for self defense. Might be hard to quickly learn for the left side though. Your hand might be healed by that time.
    A cane can be used very well to defend and even immobilize an opponent. It also has reach and makes a really effective club. Look into one, especially hardwood ones (not hollow adjustable aluminum) and maybe rattan, although rattan is light, fast, still effective and durable. There are even PVC "Show" canes in colors that are fancy, cheap and extremely durable available at Stock Supply Houses.

    I have an extendable baton also. Have carried it at times since 1991. Some/most locations it is illegal. A cane is never illegal, even in our court houses here in the USA.

    Just another option.

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