How Was the Amsterdam Tourny??

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by fightinchance, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. fightinchance

    fightinchance New Member

    If anyone is back yet, I'd love to know how it went.
  2. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    tournament went really well and the dutch crowd loved the demo. personally i could have done better than the two 4th place medals i earnt, but i was competing with a hangover :D :eek:
  3. Ferran

    Ferran Valued Member

    Well, it _is_ Amsterdam, after all. Acclimatation has a whole new meaning, and they played at home.

    How was the tea?
  4. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    Aaahhh, Amsterdam tea...brings back memories...
  5. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

    How on earth did that happen Dave? ;)

    It was a good trip. The Dutch KSW people are all a really friendly bunch and it seemed to all go very well.

    Spain next then I suppose.
  6. fightinchance

    fightinchance New Member

    Were there alot of competetors? I don't think I'm going to Spain for Tourny, although it would be realy good experience. How is that one?
  7. Ferran

    Ferran Valued Member

    The one in Spain... PSBN Velasco has about 200 enrolled students, so we'll have _someone_ to compete against ;) Also, from what I know, we'll be having people from Germany, Amsterdam & UK (these are the ones I _know_ will be present). And remember there's a visit of KSN. Info should be arriving soon (some email glitch, I believe); I'll forward.
  8. Ferran

    Ferran Valued Member

    There's something more on the Spanish Championiship in a separate thread.
  9. Dubu

    Dubu Valued Member

    KSN John Edmiston got Grand Champion. Dont know much else about it.
  10. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    yeah he did, and nearly fell over in front of everyone after getting his trophy :eek:
  11. swntzu

    swntzu has left MAP for a bit

    YEAH!!! :D

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