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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by nzric, Jul 22, 2003.

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    It's not a physical thing - it's just a little trick of self-hypnosis. move your hands around and you'll feel a warmth/tingling/magnetic feeling. Remember to do the qigong first though, and take it slowly so you're paying attention.
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    bonjour, i'm a 'newbie' to this site and this is my first post, after reading several comments i've understood the bias of most people on the thread. Personally i believe that chi is a sortof mystical force and more then just hypnotizing yourself, i tried the quigong pose for the second time last night and it worked unlike the first. (many stupid things wrong with what i was doing) now down to my point, i'm not trying to prove anything but what made me decide what i believed about chi energy was the movie 'shaulin' its a live demonstration by shaulin monks and it is mind boggling.

    teaser : person big mac smoosh. three swords toped off with a person, then a double sided bed of nails, peson number two then a sheet of concrete. and to conclude, BASH with a sledge hammer.
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    All of which is rather easy to do with a lot of conditioning and practice. The bed of nails thing is well known to be simple, I've lain on a bed on nails with someone standing on another on top of me.
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    those arent really fighting monks. They are just to give china more money so they do contempory wu shu with some contempary tricks.
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    sure, conditioning was obviosuly part of their practice, but it is unreal. the fact that they are fighting monks or not is irrelevent, it does not change what they can accomplish.
  6. Stingrae789

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    What part of trick do you not get. sure its spectacular but its just technique like TKD and karate people breaking boards. They were traditionally monks who followed budhism but practised kung fu to keep in shape and as a form of fighting. Wu shu is watered down kung fu and gymnastics eg. when you see those kids fly around on stage.
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