How did the sword get to be so important in koryu?

Discussion in 'Koryu Bujutsu' started by hendry, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Well then 6 more posts for me ;), quite a strange rule I might say.
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    It stops spammers from using it and trolls who come here, pick fights then insult people by PM.
  4. mai tai

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    again i am no weapons expert.....outside of the modern military ones i used in the army.

    i was thinking....could some of the reverence of a sword have something to do with its portability

    it is much smaller than a an aristocrat could wear it all the time where every he went...

    so a ornate one would have more "curb appear" or "flash"

    no need to make an ornate spear to be handed down ...when all its gonna do is sit in the armory.

    the more i think about this the more it has in common with modern weapons.

    the pistol is not a real effective weapon on the modern battlefeild.

    1. officers carry them for portability reasons
    2. when my ancestor went to wwII. nobody took mausers as war trophies...they took lugers
    3.and when a military guy or cop retires ...its always a gold plated pistol...never a gold plated rifle

    so even now the pistol has more reverence than more effective rifle.....

    now in 500 years when people shoot lazers out there eyes.....and firearms are obsolete.....dont be suprised if the pistol is look at with a reverence
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  5. Nii

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    Excellent point Mai tai. I loved your last paragraph too =)
  6. Kogusoku

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    The sword was a badge of station for the Japanese military castes.

    Most cops are just given a gold watch. I must say, I have never heard of a gold plated pistol given as a retirement present.
  7. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    i probalby spoke out of turn....i have no idea what cops get for ill take your word on the watch

    the point was that the pistol has a certain reverence not unlike a sword in todays military. (cops are not warriors i should not have put them in the post at all) a gift.

    hittler officers gave him a gold pistol.
    elvis gave nixon a gold pistol
    saddam was known for giving gold pistols.

    and in the army when i was in....when a commander would leave we would have to chip in a money to give him a gift......if he was high major and above.....he would get some kind of a case (not gold plated)

    which is really something i never under stood.

    all year we work like a dog FOR the comander....he makes way more money and take alot less risk....and we the poorest, lowest on the totem pole are FORCED to give up money for a gift for HIM......dont make no sence to me.

    im not really trying to really talk about who got what......but convey that the pistol is has a strong pychiologicl link

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