How can I protect my weak arm in sparring?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Flik9999, May 1, 2022.

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    Hello so a while ago I broke my forarm and had to have surgery, a metal plate was put in and then later removed.

    Nowadays I can train hard again but the problem is: If I get hit not even that hard but on the spot of the incisionscar I get fairly intense musclepain that can in some cases put me out of training for a few weeks. Sometimes it is just a few days until it feels better.

    This most often happens in moderate force sparring, if I take a knee or a kick to my arm on the incision then my arm is damage for a while. It isnt just sparring that it happens either, I once had someone mistime a knee while drilling and banged my arm on the incision gave me pain for about a week.

    I have seen that TKD has these forearm protectors and I was wondering if that would help, would I be able to get a boxing glove and one of those forearm protectors on? Another idea I had was getting another handwrap and wrap that around my entire forearm.

    If anyone knows any solutions it would be greatly appreciated. I dont like that I have to sometimes take time out because someone has managed to land a hit on me.

    I train kickboxing.
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    Welcome to MAP.

    There are some nice forearm guards on the market that are inexpensive.

    These look good and depending where your scar is and could be turned to protect either the outside or inside of the arm.

    Taekwondo Forearm Guard 500

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