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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by manchesterdojo, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. manchesterdojo

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    If this is against MAP rules then please feel free to delete or move it.

    In light of the recent disasters in Japan, we are looking for Bujinkan/Jinenkan and Genbukan instructors and students interested in taking part in a Takamatsu-den workshop day to help raise money for the BritishRedCross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

    We are looking at scheduling it for the 2nd weekend in April, in Manchester, with 100% of all monies taken on the day going to the charity. Please click on the facebook link below:


    Date is subject to change at this time. It will be confirmed by Saturday 19th March.

    Can you pass this on to anyone you think may be interested??

    E-mail me via info@fightingfitmanchester.co.uk for more info.
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  2. CosmicFish

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    Manchesterdojo, given what you're raising money for, we're cool with this.
  3. manchesterdojo

    manchesterdojo Valued Member

    Thank you.
  4. Manga

    Manga Moved On

    Good luck with this event Ian :cool:

    Have you had any confirmations yet of who is offering to teach and so on? Keep us informed :star:

    I believe Adam Mitchell is also trying to organise something similar in New York? Does anyone know of any other events happening anywhere?
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  5. manchesterdojo

    manchesterdojo Valued Member

    Thanks. No confirmations yet but will keep you posted.
  6. Mitch

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    How about we leave the usual bickering and nonsense out of this thread and let it stand for what it is without debating the hind legs off it?

  7. Alansmurf

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    Good idea and I hope it goes well ...

    What is wrong with a group of like minded individuals getting together and sharing idea's about their common interest ?

  8. Frodocious

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    Kagete drop the issue now or I'm going to recommend a ban for you. If you don't want to donate/participate then don't, but stop the pathetic attacks on those who do, because your attitude stinks.
  9. Manga

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    If the badge you wear prevents you from doing what needs to be done to help people who are in distress, it's not a badge worth wearing.
  10. Mitch

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    And off MAP for a while.

  11. Mitch

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    Let me make this exceptionally clear.

    If you want to discuss philosophical/organisational/ethical standards then please take it to another thread.

    This thread is reserved for posts related to the charity seminar.

    Other posts will result in action being taken.

  12. Frodocious

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    Seconding what Mitch has said.

    All off topic posts (apart from mod warnings) have been removed.

    Take the issue of cross-xkan co-operation somewhere else. If you have a problem with this charity event don't go.
  13. Fu_Bag

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    The OP has a great idea. And given this year's Bujinkan theme of "getting back to basics", what better way to remember, if only for a day, what's truly important?

  14. Hatamoto

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    What's the plan with the gathering? Is it for training, more social?

    I think it's a great opportunity, though. There's enough bad blood between the different schools. It's ideal for this disaster to bring people together, through common love of their art, regardless of their school's emphasis. There's no way I can make it, sorry, but I will definitely help spread the word, and I hope you get a lot of success with it, good on you for the initiative :)
  15. jameswhelan

    jameswhelan Valued Member

  16. Fu_Bag

    Fu_Bag Valued Member

    I thought this was kind of an interesting blog entry that applies to this situation.

    From tazziedevil.wordpress.com/ninpo-thoughts-on-a-theme/

    "...The practitioner must have the virtue of Ninniku ( patience ) and Ninpo Ikkan ( consistently flowing with the way of ninpo)..Ninniku and Ninpo Ikkan are the basis for understanding ninpo taijutsu, while Ichi go Ichi e ( one moment, one chance ) is the heart of the ninja."

  17. Muawijhe

    Muawijhe Dreams of Madness

    I know the local Quest center here in Michigan is selling t-shirts and the proceeds are being sent to a relief organization in Japan (as well as taking straight donations to be sent over).
  18. manchesterdojo

    manchesterdojo Valued Member

  19. bassai

    bassai onwards and upwards ! Moderator Supporter

    I wouldn't be able to make the 11.00 start , would it be a problem if i got there about 1.00 ?
  20. manchesterdojo

    manchesterdojo Valued Member

    Not at all. More than happy for people to arrive at any time. The theme for the day will be informal and friendly!

    The date is now firmly set as Sunday 10th April and we've already got 3 instructors (one 15th Dan, one 14th Dan and one 12th Dan) lined up to teach during the day. We may also have a shuriken session taught from the perspective of a non bujinkan jujutsu school and are looking at other potential non training aspects to the day.

    To train will require a minimum donation of £20 (feel free to donate more if you can) and training numbers are limited to 30 due to the size of the dojo. However, we can also accommodate spectators and are asking a donation of £10 to secure your place.

    I'm taking the next few days to look at the schedule for the day and see what we else we can offer to those willing to give up their cash and time to help the British Red Cross help the Japanese people.

    Thanks for the support and if you have any more questions then please drop me an e-mail via info@fightingfitmanchester.co.uk. I will try and answer quickly but some details are yet to be finalised so please bear with me.

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