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    klaasb ....

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    Wow because (personal insult deleted) obviously..
    Lol, modern martial arts like Tae Kwon Do were created to combat Japanese Karate, modern Japanese Karate like Shotokan was derived to fight styles like Wing Chun . Much like an arms race but in Martial Arts..
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  4. Smitfire

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    Hahahahaha. Not even close to being right.
  5. Aegis

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    I'd love to see evidence for any of these claims.
  6. aikiMac

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    3rd-ed. I generally think of myself as knowledgeable of martial arts, but that's a new one to me, too. But I'll keep an open mind if you can support that claim!
  7. Hwa Rangi

    Hwa Rangi New Member

    If you say so it must be true , that means you must be Korean and born and raised there and other interesting things that have been erased from history..
  8. Hwa Rangi

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    Well when it comes to proving anything related to Korean Martial Arts, you would have to travel to Okinawa and find anyone alive who is willing to tell you where the Japanese ministry of Intelligence compound was and then see if any of the stolen Martial Arts manual's from the mainland are still in the original language... That is why it is always heard where's the proof ?. However with TKD the proof was in it's effectiveness against Karate, Korean kicking techniques were famous long before Karate began, and similar to Chinese Martial Arts as far as variety, many lost Martial Arts and techniques were taken to Okinawa to understand learn and ultimately defeat by creating a superior fighting system.. a uniquely Japanese fighting system, like summo as an example . Unfortunately Karate did not have the desired effect, until within the last 10-20 year's. The interest in developing a unique Japanese Karate that is superior to all others was finally developed in the open ,no longer in secret like in the past..
  9. Hwa Rangi

    Hwa Rangi New Member

    Well, you can see part of the evidence in most old Chinese Kung Fu movies, where the Japanese are the bad guy's, they did the same thing in Korea and Okinawa before that ...
  10. Hwa Rangi

    Hwa Rangi New Member

    Lol, not only for unhorsing calvary Archer's, but also to break spear defense formations and you thought the jumping off someone's back was just for show ...
  11. Hwa Rangi

    Hwa Rangi New Member

    The legend has it that the closed fist is of Korean origin, the body movement Chinese the combination became Japanese which was later learned from Japanese because during that time if you showed any real knowledge of non Japanese Martial Arts, you were hunted down and killed by any means possible.. Some how that little bit of history is never heard about...
  12. Hwa Rangi

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    Sorry, just wanted to say thank you ... Saw somewhere you mentioned the Ural tribes as part of the inhabitants of early Korea, impressive not even many Koreans know this , a bone for you my friend the legend of the Ural tribes used to hunt with the Siberian Tiger's that roamed the eastern mountains of Korea during the Russian winter ,they ranged that far south...
  13. Aegis

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    I'm not sure how this qualifies as evidence for anything. We know that Japan invaded Korea and stamped down hard on their population, but that doesn't lend credance to any claims about Korean martial arts being specifically designed to beat karate. This just isn't evidenced anywhere.

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