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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by SB1970, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    I don't agree that it's the same with qi.. this explains what i see as your scepticism.

    What i mean by that is your descriptions of energy as vague, undecided, inprecise. The above places the status of qi as intermediate, meaning its status is neither real or unreal. It seems afterall we are not translating the word qi to energy in the same way.

    It is like if you stepped on a rope in a dark barn thinking you had stepped on a snake. i don't see matter and energy in this way. Why would i consider the status of energy as any different from that of change or matter?

    I consider 'human qi' to be bio energy and consider it real. like the thermal picture you offered to show jk, in the same way the rope in the example is real.
  2. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    Do you want to say something that makes sense?
  3. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    you arrived at the party a little late is all, like welcome to last year!

    ironic is what this is..
  4. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    My God, JK - you didn't laugh did you? Or, smile????

    Really? Only ego could be annoyed by that. But, we all have one...

    Yes, it would be ironic - but it isn't true. I don't see a hierarchy of ideas. One of my key principles of work is "no linear knowledge" - as in, no hierarchy. NO idea is truer than any other - they are ALL within conceptual systems, not external to them.

    Which is why, JK, I've said to you a few times, I don't work towards truth, I work towards awareness. Ideas, for me, need to be "active" not true - there is no hierarchy... and everything there is to know about you, and your reality, you already know. I can teach you nothing - you have all the knowledge.

    Well, I'm not sure what you mean lol - but keep rolling!

    The fact that you did all those things, like so many before you, and after, is reallyjust an indication of the "Truth is as far away from me as possible" ego-trick, that the ego plays on us. The answers, of course, are in you - but the ego is terrified of facing them - so it will have us look as far away aspossible - English people will look to India, or American Indians - or, as far away culturally, or as far away in time - like, Wicca, or Ancient Egypt - or Aliens - anything - God - anywhere, as long as it is far, far, FAR away from where the answers are...

    God is just an extension of that.

    Keep rolling - eventually, you have to come back to where you started - with your "self."

    Well that's true - mirror, mirror Joanna. When I saw that - with Marxists, I didn't stop there - I applied it across the board lol - people, and the way their egos interact with ideologies are all very similar, whether its anarchy, Marxism, Wicca, Christianity, Taiji - those anarchists are the MOST governed by self issues, lol. But it's always like that Joanna - whatever people profess is usually the opposite of the truth behond the curtain "Wizard of Oz" comes to mind...

    Well, who isn't? You? What are you doing here, if not husbanding your ideological frame for your "self"? You're using me ruthlessly to pursue, fix, and advertize your frame. I'm just a tool of personal propoganda to you.

    But, i choose to be.

    Yeah, those philosophers never notice stuff like that. All that edukation has - what's the word? Oh, en-dumbened them. That's education for you!

    Funny you should say that, about two dimensions. You know, my method is pretty simple - I percieve binary ideology as the core ideology, authoring all others... so I employ a simple shamanic technique of "mirroring"... If you believe being human is a "flaw", I just say we're perfect. If you say all goodness is external, I just say it's all in us. If you say God has all the power, I say you do.... I just say the opposite... to demonstrate how you are encapsulated in binary thinking - the opposites, the "others" are just as much a part of you and your thinking as what you pretend to believe. In the meantime, you ruthlessly, and for self interest only, seek out and exploit opportunities - like me - to cast yourself in relief to the "others" of your ideas... you're attracted to the "opposite" view holders - so I just become that.

    My actual beliefs aren't even known to you - and you couldn't "get" them at this point anyway because my thinking is so abstract and different to yours.

    The ideas I talk about here are like yellow belt ideas, lol. I generally work with the other end of the scale.

    But interesting is how easily you have "eased" me in to what you wanted me to be - the opposition, with exactly opposite views... yin and yang.. binary stars. But I'm faking, Joanna.

    Well, if your solution is to reinforce to people how worthless they are, then almost anything would be better. Didn't you know? People's spirits get injured by that crap.

    Ok, Angel Girl, I won't.

    Wake up JK - you don't know my ideas. What you think are my ideas are just the partners of your ideas - it's all an exercise in percieving your slavery to binary ideology.

    And yours are good.... binary binary.... 1/0.... machine coding of the brain.... artificial reality... does not compute... beep beep....

    You are SO attracted to what I say it's off the scale.
  5. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    No...thats not what I'm saying. I'm not talking ambiguously about God and qi. That's what I've seen in other posts. I'm saying specifically that because of the kind of Christianity that jkzorya practices is the reason that she doesn't believe in chi.

    Its not about a belief in god which has been discussed. It's strickly a Christian thing that I'm pointing out. (not all christians...but those that demonize other faiths).

    And I'm not pointing out anything bad about christianity either. You can't blame the practice for the practitioners.
  6. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Yes but I don't think you'll like it.

    The Bear.
  7. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    Try me.
  8. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    You have never experienced qi.

    The Bear.
  9. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    Wow...I really didn't like.
  10. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    ...That was tough to take in. Anything else you want to add?
  11. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Your wrong about god too.

    The Bear.
  12. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    but i have to go to work, so i'll check in later
  13. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    keep going if you want...it's cool with me.
  14. jnanasakti

    jnanasakti Valued Member

    I posted this already, maybe it was deleted.

    Anyway, all I said was..."You are definitely a bear"
  15. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Well, you could choose that - or you could choose to acceptthat you're perfect, and do something about that. Or, you could choose to see that both are really emanations of binary coding - and do something WITH that.

    Joanna, you are not our victim. I'll tell you something real now, of what I really do believe. We each "design" our lives, bringing ourselves in to specific situations, events, in contact with specific people, to ensure that we feel specific things - often things that cause us immense suffering. I don't actually care that you suffer - I'm cold like that - so I haven't any agenda in you changing that. I just speak it, because that's what I do, as I pass through life...

    You are using me, and now Unfettered, in a game of "I'm a victim". In fact, we can't do anything to you. You have all the power.

    As for my knowledge, or intellect, or understanding - it's not an attack on others if I have understanding or awareness that is different to them. Unfortunately, you choose to use the language and concepts of science and philosophy to shore up your own ideology - and that brings you in to the remit of people who have actual knowledge of those areas. That doesn't mean you're the victim of people with wider expertise in those areas - and you yourself put yourself in the pit to be mauled, simply by getting in the pit with bigger dogs. Or should I say lions??

    And yet, here you are... You know, this taiji forum doesn't get much action - and there are always people telling us what we shouldn't think about or discuss - you're one of them, lol - for now - but, you know, until someone says something interesting about taiji - if there is anythign interesting, ha ha... we're just shooting the breeze... One day it'll be shooting unbelievers - keep waiting!

    What makes your view correct?
  16. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    It's enough and you already know exactly what I mean.
    Now just think about those statements and what they mean before unleashing abuse at others.

    The Bear.
  17. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Those arguments are only EVER one on the basis of how many people are dead. If there are more survivors from your sect than theirs, you won, and your God is the best!
  18. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Doesn't anyone have work???? Or training????

    I think the qi issue will simply have to be soleved by a big fight - last man -or woman standing - gets to say whether qi is real or not!

    Who's up for it? I am!
  19. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Game on, can I bring my sword?

    The Bear.
  20. cheesypeas

    cheesypeas Moved on

    I'll come....I'll go get my gun. :D

    now where did I put my Qi bullets?
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