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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by jay douglass, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. jay douglass

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    Hi Im jay im new to this fourm I have been training in martial arts since i was a child Tae kwon do, boxing, krav maga, grappling, etc. Im starting a new chapter in my life and want to learn something new. the last year I have become really fascinated with the filipino martial arts and want to learn them. I will be going to the philippines at the end of the summer and plan to move there for awhile whenever I learn a martial arts or a new style I put my all into it and train several hours a day and try to learn as much as possible I dont have any contacts in the philippines and would like some help does anyone know were to find good training in the philipines also private instruction I am mainly focused on the empty hands( panantukan ) and knife aspect ( kali ) of fma but want to learn the stick fighting as well (eskrima) . the empty hand panantukan aspect is extreamly important to me.
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    You're very lucky to get so much free time to train! Good luck :)
  3. LabanB

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    Where in the RP are you going? Manila, Cebu, Davao? The Northern islands, Middle islands, Southern islands? Any particular style/system you are interested in?

  4. jay douglass

    jay douglass New Member

    I am not sure where in the philippines would like to go somewere with fairly cheap living Manila, Cebu, Davao seem very probable and as far as training goes I want to focus on empty hand and knife which would be panantukan and kali although i want to learn eskrima i want the emphasis to be on blade and knife something very functional in combat and self defense that also has alot of flow I know there are several masters that have several styles of kali im curently trying to research them all
  5. LabanB

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    The obvious for Eskrima in Cebu will be SGM Diony Canete of Doce Pares, Eduardo Ceniza of Baraw Sugbo,, Chuck Canete of Cacoy Doce Pares. Manila, you're looking at Felipe B Jocano. I haven't trained with Chuck, but Cacoys material is always based in the real world :) All can be found on Facebook :)

    Or you can Friend me there and hunt through my friends :)

    Bill Steven Lowery
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  6. LabanB

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    Cacoy DP 0322 615 387
    DP International (SGM Diony) 0323 443 028
    Carin Brothers DP (very good for street orientated material especially knife and empty hand)
    Felipe B Jocano
    +63 908 864 1323
    Eduardo Ceniza
  7. jay douglass

    jay douglass New Member

    thank you
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  8. Diego_Vega

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    In the Manila area: for Panantukan, I'd contact Ronnie Royce Base; for empty-hands knife defense, the Baraw Sugbo people would be a good place to start (I'm not sure if he's the official representative, but I'd personally contact Mon Rivera); for knife? almost any fma teacher. If you want a teacher who can give a comprehensive approach to most areas the teachers I would recommend are: Henry Espera, Rodel Dagooc, Bong Abenir, Bot Jocano, Isagani Abon and my own student, Toby Genato. They may or may not be as good or better in the individual areas you mentioned as the the people I named first.
  9. LabanB

    LabanB Valued Member

    Also in Manila is Bobby de la Rosa, Balintawak and Baraw Sugbo instructor.
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