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    New here, not sure of the format for introductions so here goes.
    Started my MA training in the early 70's, in Bolton, Lancashire, under Sensei Mike Mulroy who taught (as he called it) Korean Kempo Karate.
    Moved about the country quite a bit so dipped in and out of various styles e.g. did about 2 years Kung Fu in Torquay, Devon.
    In Lancaster, Lancashire did 3+ years in an Aikiki club under Sensei Steve Nardone and a Sensei called Ted Price.
    Moved to Scotland carried on with Aikiki at a club near Irvine, only did a year with them as moved again.
    Moved farther north and joined a Jiu Jitsu club, in Brora, Sutherland, under Willie Nicholson didn't stay too long with him ( I think about a year) as due to various injuries my body couldn't cope.
    Saw an add for an Aikido club in Alness, Ross-shire, found out it was a Ki Aikido club. Joined up and stayed there for 13 years until moving to present location on Orkney.
    So quite a mixture spanning some 40 years.

    I would really like to know if anyone here trained under Mike Mulroy, or knows what happened to him. I suppose he may be in his late 70's (or older!) if he's still about.

    I think that's about it, seen some rubbish clubs and also some excellent ones in my time.
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    Welcome to MAP.

    Good to have you on board.
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    Welcome to MAP!
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  4. antighsiothail

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    Thank you.
    Tempted to think the physical part of my MA journey may be over now, there are no Aikido clubs (that I know of) on Orkney, the styles of the day seem to be kick-boxing and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and at 67 I'm to old to be knocked about like that!! However I still like to read up on all sorts of styles etc, that's why I've joined MAP.
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  6. Hannibal

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    Also BJJ is plenty doable, just go at your own pace - it's certainly less impactive that hours of ukemi!
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  7. antighsiothail

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    Hi, I know about the Tai Chi did a couple of courses of Tai Chi for arthritis, with Jim Lawson, got bad knees had trouble with some of the stances. To be honest I don't really fancy the BJJ. Amazingly I've just had an email passed on (by a Sensei from Inverness who I've trained with) from someone who moved here a year ago looking for someone to practice with. It should be interesting if it comes off, he's done a couple of years of Iwama style down, I would guess from the name of his Sensei, in Glasgow or thereabouts. You never know what will come up do you!
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    Welcome to MAP. I always glad to see another aikidoka. :D
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  9. Mitch

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    Welcome to MAP :)

    What took you to Orkney? I've always wanted to visit there! Simon, can we organise another MAP Meet? :D
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  10. antighsiothail

    antighsiothail New Member

    Hi, our daughter, son-in-law and grandson moved here a couple of years ago. When I retired we moved to take up grandparent duties, besides I think it's not a bad place to grow old. Orkney still has very much a community feel, most times if you need help just ask and someone will help, it's the sort of place where someone leaves their cash at Tesco's atm and someone hands it in to the customer services desk (as happened last week).
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  11. ned

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    Welcome to MAP !

    Looks like the taiji class is wudang style, part of Dan Docherty's Practical taichichuan school (he is in one of the pics) which is a good sign, as is the photo of the class using gloves and pads.
    Definitely worth a look, the push hands would complement your Aikido I should think.
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  12. antighsiothail

    antighsiothail New Member

    Hi, there is an 8 week Tai Chi course starting in Stromness, I have signed up for it get it cheap as I'm retired so nothing lost, hopefully knees can cope with the stances (I've been doing a lot of walking since last time). I'm meeting this chap tomorrow to discuss getting together for Aikido practice, so see how that goes, his Sensei down south was Stephen Colville, but he said he only did a couple of years and that was 2 years ago. He says he's quite happy to go over to Ki style as he hadn't done that much in Iwama, now probably have to get all my stuff back out of the loft and start to think of a plan for training.
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    Welcome to MAP! Good luck with your Aikido and Tai Chi training ^^
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  14. axelb

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    welcome to MAP!
  15. aaradia

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    Welcome to MAP.

    I don't know about other styles of TCC, but the way I have been taught in Yang style, knee issues are usually a result of improper knee alignment in the stances. Collapsing the knees inward being a big culprit.
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  16. antighsiothail

    antighsiothail New Member

    Hi I can see that but mine are due to having the lower half of my leg trapped in place while the top half turned, tearing the ligaments in my knee, when I was younger. Actually bending my knee with weight on is uncomfortable and my knee makes a horrible grating noise. I've had to slightly adapt some of the Aikido stances to allow for it.
  17. narcsarge

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    Welcome to MAP!
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  18. El Medico

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    Docherty's T'ai chi is basically new Wu system,which is often performed in higher positions. They'll have to teach you how to move in and out of the hip fold and coiling your leg tissues so you don't twist at the knee.

    Along w/what aardia stated many knee problems are also commonly brought about from such things as extending the knee,esp the front knee, too far forward in relation to the foot, or twisting the joint itself-ie,lower leg stays in position and upper leg twists at the knee away from it.Ow!
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  19. antighsiothail

    antighsiothail New Member

    This is basically what happened to me a long time ago. Caught my foot in between two large tussocks of grass fell over, my foot and the lower half of my leg stayed where they were while I twisted round as I fell.

    I'm still wondering if anyone knew or knows of Mike Mulroy from Bolton?
  20. Marku85

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    Welcome to MAP!
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