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Discussion in 'Karate' started by iolair, Jan 9, 2003.

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    Well, I've just put a few posts in, but I thought I'd stop and say "Hello" anyway as I'm new here!!!

    I've 16 years experience with Combat Sports, including...
    - Seido Karate under Sensei Roger Thyer-Jones
    - Seidokan Karate under Sensei Professor Stephen Chan
    - Shotokan (though only for a year)
    - Judo
    - Fencing (mainly epée)

    I've also studied (practically and academically) elements of Western Boxing, Kung Fu, JKD, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Kendo and Escrima. Beyond that, I have a strong knowledge of fitness and strength training and sports diets. Which may sound like a lot, but the more you get into martial arts, the more you realise quite how much a beginner you are!

    My philosophy regarding technique and training is a pragmatic one: "Retain what is useful, discard what is not" - a la Bruce Lee. I currently train solo about 6 hours a week: due to personal issues I'm not able to find a suitable club locally.
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    welcome to forums...
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    Welcome to the site and we hope you are enjoying it.

    I see that you have been about and I would like to ask a few questions if I may.

    Firstly, in the 16 or so years that you have been studying the combat arts. What is your opinion on the martial/combat arts today compaired to when you fisrt started out?

    Secondly, you have said that you train solo at present. To most people that is a hard thing to do as the motivation must be maintained all the time. How do you deal with the motivation and can you give any of our readers some clues as to keep the spirit strong?

    Lastly, I see that you have trained in Seido Karate under Sensei Roger Thyer-Jones. Having trained under Shihan Tadashi Nakamura on several ocassions, I have found his meathod and spirit of training very hard but worthy. What is your feelings towards the Seido Karate's way of training and what was your favourite kata?


    Paul Paterson
    1st Dan Jiyuseishinkai
    Section Keeper
    Glasgow Zoo.
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    The state of martial arts has changed somewhat since I first got into them, at least in people's perceptions. When I started it was the era of "The Karate Kid" and other similar films, and martial arts were seen as something of a novelty, and most people still considered them as obviously better than western fighting styles. Now, of course, they're seen as much more common place and have become just another part of the set of sports, fitness regimes and combat systems that we accept as part of life today. I don't think the arts themselves have changed much ... though there seem to be more sports-oriented Karate clubs around today than there were.

    I am an above-averagely motivated person, but the "trick" to frequent solo practice is just to make it part of my weekly routine. I'm fortunate enough to have an area at home with gym equipment, punch bag and floor space.... This means I don't have to go far out of my way to practice (though in the summer, I also like to practice outdoors). I tend to train late at night (10 - 11pm) which I guess means it doesn't tend to clash with any other demands on my time! I vary each session a lot, between foot work, bag work, distance work, Kata/combinations, conditioning, stretching, weights. The main problem with lack of training partner is practising grappling techniques. With a belt tied around the punch bag I can practice turn-ins for throws (Judo), but there's no real way to practice hold-downs, joint locks or chokes.

    I still fence in a local club, and find this allows me to keep my timing and distance good for when I do practice Kumite. Although not part of a club, I have friends who I can occasionally practice sparring with.

    Yes, Seido was very traditional and also very hard work. It gave away belts quite reluctantly compared to other styles - I believe the green belts were similar in standard to black belts in some other styles (I believe this is a good thing). There was a very good atmosphere in the dojo - very friendly and supportive.

    Favourite Kata: Gekisai Dai
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