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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Kori The Grappler, May 14, 2020.

  1. Kori The Grappler

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    This debate seem to rage on in the professional grappling world. Last year in May, I'm competed at a sub only event called Wanderlust 3. It was an event of gi and nogi super fights. What made this even different was that in the gi matches, they allowed heel hooks. I attacked a straight ankle lock most of the match but when the heel hook became available, I was able to lock it up and finish with it. I was not the only gi fella to finish a heel hook that night.

    (the match)

    I felt like a gangster finishing a heel hook in the gi. But once I posted it on social media, people said that it was dirty. I feel like at the higher level, that the heel hook should be allowed in the gi. Makes is true to the roots. Maybe not at the smaller amateur level but at pro level events.
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  2. Pretty In Pink

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    Hey man, welcome to the forum! Nice heel hook!

    Yeah, I think heel hooks are fair game. I've never met a black belt that couldn't do one well. Although I did meet a brown belt once who had never done any foot locks at all!
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    That is insane! I feel like these days, blue belt and up should know some of the fundamental leg game.
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    Yeah, they're a regular part of the curriculum here and generally not frowned upon depending on your gym.
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    nice finish. What match was that? most I've seen have rules against it, but more seem to be opening up to allow.

    In our gym we learn ashi garami from white, with straight foot lock or Achilles lock, what to do and not to do, escapes, and also about the no reaping rules so we are familiar with what is/isn't allowed.
    I recall discussion about reasons against heel hook in the gi came partially from the friction in the gi creating a tighter sub, but that's about all I know.

    With leg locks, even though they may not be legal in certain rule sets, the positions can be used to control without applying a submission.

    I only train in gi at the moment (Blue belt) but I've played around with the positions on my grapple dummy - not quite the same, he doesn't tap in time and his knee is a mess now.
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    The match was at Wanderlust 3, which is a sub only organization here in Illinois. It took place inside a giant Harley Davidson dealership which was cool as can be.
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