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    HAVOC is an acronym, as well as a paradigm. Literally it means “Hostile Aggressive Violent Offender Combatives” - which represent the main types of confrontation one may encounter. It also refers to the very nature of combat itself, which is fast, chaotic and very unpredictable.

    The founder of HAVOC JKD - Sifu Jay - is a serving Police Officer with the City of Calgary, and has been an active Police Officer for over 18 years. He is recognised by Canadian and UK courts as a “Use of Force” subject matter expert, and has given testimony numerous times in this capacity. Jay has also lectured internationally on Post-Conflict Articulation and Situational Awareness.

    Sifu Jay hand picked Simon Sheridan to be the UK Director for HAVOC JKD, as he is one of the few martial artists capable of delivering such specialised training.

    Simon's has over 30 years of knowledge and experience across the martial arts spectrum.

    This includes Eskrima, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Grappling, Kung Fu and Tai Chi.


    "As the founder of HAVOC JKD I am absolutely meticulous- some would say "obsessed: - with having techniques that have been tested and proven in real encounters.

    I leave nothing to theory or chance. This approach is even more important when it comes to selecting my instructors. It is my honour and privilege to have Sifu Simon Sheridan represent HAVOC in the UK.

    He is a consummate professional and a patient instructor who has taught every level from raw beginners to competitive fighters and they all walk away with increased knowledge.

    I heartily endorse him and his training and personally guarantee that he WILL help you reach your own potential.

    Sifu Jay Cooper
    Founder HAVOC JKD
    Canadian Director - JKDAA
    Law Enforcement Training Officer - JKDAA
    Full Instructor JKD - JKDAA
    Coach Level 1 - JKDAA
    Military JKD/SpecOps Kali Level 5.0 - JKDAA
    Instructor of the Year 2015 - JKDAA
    Senior Instructor JKD - PFS

    15781682_10154228566775872_6520655977693909122_n (3).jpg 19247634_1583986251663910_7402396697352146492_n.jpg

    Latest News

    Jay and Simon are extremely pleased to announce an addition to the HAVOC brand.

    Lei Bridges (2014 WRSA English Kickboxing champion & 2017 WKA English Kickboxing title contender) is now a HAVOC associate and runs HAVOC Kickboxing.

    He also becomes HAVOC kickboxing advisor.



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