hardest martial art?

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  1. munkiejunkie

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    From my expierience, the hardest to learn would be drunken boxing or Svebor. drunken because of balance+ coordination, Svebor for sheer volume
  2. martialartsmad

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    i have found that the hardest m/a is capoeira. just to learn the balence and all the different movements takes so long. also, it is a martial art that takes a life time to learn.
  3. Nevada_MO_Guy

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    I think that Aikido is the hardest, for all the reasons already mentioned here.
    "Aikido must be learned properly with the aid of a
    qualified instructor. I can't tell you how many people
    are currently instructing Aikido incorrectly because
    they themselves have had no interactive guidance from
    a real instructor, except to read some books, view
    videos and websites. They have not invested any length
    of time (ten years or more) in surrendering themselves
    under the Aikido training. And this defines the true
    Aikidoka versus the novice or mere tinkerer. They
    struggle using muscle and strength, improperly trying
    to mimic techniques. Without learning extension ("ki")
    and centering (keeping one-point), and the joining
    ("ai") of the movements -- everything is just being
    uselessly imitated or "aped". A monkey can do that."

    Patrick Hoscheid


    The easiest would have to be RON MAR DO
    Grandmaster Soke Ron has taken everything that he has learned in the martial arts, since he began training over a quarter of a century ago, and developed the easiest martial art to learn and master
  4. Richdog

    Richdog Limecat is watching...

    LMAO taken from that article...

    The guy spent a WHOLE several weeks doing Kung Fu then found it useless. 14 months of TKD and found it lacking. THEN did an entire 7 weeks of Tai-Chi and found it... gasp... completely useless! :eek:

    What a joker, I would not touch any MA he invented with a bargepole... :rolleyes:

    EDIT - Hahaha I should read more carefully, didn't see it was a ****-take until I had more of a look. :D
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  5. Mevans

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    That Ron Mar Do site is awesome!! :)

  6. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher

    Tai Chi was specifically designed as a martial art. It was not made to be theatrical and artistic, in fact is was specifically made to be applicable. Not only applicable, applicable with a minumum amount of force. Please, I don't know where you heard that Tai Chi was created to simply be artistic, but your source was wrong. It is originally and still to this day, even if most western practitioners manage to forget that.
  7. tel

    tel absorb what is useful for

    the hardest martial art in the one your learning or bout to learn
  8. NeonxBurst

    NeonxBurst 1st Black

    Easiest: Anything you study in a class.
  9. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher

    That's a very good point that I hadn't thought of at all Neon, that's quite true. Though rather than video I'd say book :D
  10. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    i must agree with TEL.Everything gets easier thro' time.
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  11. faster than you

    faster than you Valued Member

    the hardest martial arts to learn are the one's that train you in dead patterns and in limited ranges for no matter how long you train your suckdom will remain.

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