Discussion in 'Celebrations!' started by Kris x, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Kris x

    Kris x :-p


    Happy birthday Rich, have a good one and don't get too drunk :D :D :D
  2. TwIsT

    TwIsT Son Of Odin!

    And the Happiest of Bithdays to SpookFBI, the coolest Birthday kid around here these days, he should be given a medal WHOOOOO WHOOOOOO!!!
  3. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    Cheers Kris X I'd buy you a drink but I think the taxi fare would be a bit high up to where you are!! :D :D
  4. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    TwIst like your sig line :D :D
  5. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    Aaaw thanks.
    You can buy me one if I'm ever down where you are. :p
  6. neryo_tkd

    neryo_tkd Valued Member

    :) happy birthday :)
  7. TwIsT

    TwIsT Son Of Odin!

    lol thanks SpookFBI, keep having an awesome birthday now would ya!
  8. xen

    xen insanity by design

    happy birthday groover :)

    hope your out n' about getting jiggy with it later ;)

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