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    When W.E. Fairbairn wrote Hands Off! in 1942, most men were off fighting the war, and women were left on their own to provide for and protect themselves.

    The father of modern hand-to-hand combat, Fairbairn was very familiar with the information available about self-defense at the time ....he had written much of it, including the classic book "Get Tough", and he knew that it was all geared for men.

    So he adapted the methods presented in this book "Hands Off!" written especially for women.

    Fairbairn’s hands-on techniques taught women how to turn their perceived disadvantages of weight, build and strength into advantages to be exploited against potential attackers.

    Even though the techniques in "Hands Off!" are still sound today, this historical gem’s real value is as a record of the state of the world and women’s self-defense 60 years ago.

    Long out of print, I have located an edition which is still available today though Paladin Press when in the past was only available primarily through rare book sellers at a steep price.

    "W.E. Fairbairn taught unarmed combat to the famed British Commandos and the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Before the war he served as assistant commissioner of the Shanghai Police Force. He was the inventor of the Fairbairn Commando Knife and the author of the classics "Get Tough" and "Shooting to Live"

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    Fairbairn, a great guy. I happened to download his "Manual Of Knife Fighting" from the internet some time ago. Very good stuff :D
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    You'll love Fairbarn's manuals, "GET TOUGH" and "Shooting To Live" then. Great stuff, very practical with no-nonsense, Simple, nasty and effective jujutsu technique.

    You're gonna love the thumb hold. :D
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    Funny, it reminds me of a self defence for women booklet my mum picked up second hand. It had photos from the eighties - the woman had a princess Di hairdo and the bloke attacking her wore a pair of "flesh" coloured tights over his head. I've just tried to find it so I can put the author's name here - something Brigadier! I nearly threw it away in disgust but the pictures make me cry they are so funny. :cry: :D
    Kick Chick - this book sounds good though - does it have photos/ drawings?
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    Yes it has photos.

    This is what the newer edition looks like.....

    We certainly have "come a long way baby"!! :D

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    Yup, that's one of the thumb holds. Brrrrr! They really hurt like hell.
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    good read, I must say... do search on Combato on google you'll find all the files on internet

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