Gennady Golovkin Vs David Lemieux, This Sat.

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by belltoller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. belltoller

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    Comon Peeps,

    One of the most exiting fighters to energise boxing in a long time finally gets some competition and much deserved recognition in the form of another exiting, equally hard hitting, if less skilled Canadian boxer David Lemieux and no one here has uttered a word.

    Common MAP - lets put down our pyjama arts for a bit, quit faffing ourselves silly to the sound of Qi and other pyjamie nonsense and lets discuss/watch a real martial art for a change.

    GGG ... Lemieux



    Who ya got?
  2. Madao13

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    These are the videos of Gonzalez and Golovkin fights.

    [ame=""]GGG Геннадий Головкин против ДÑвида Лемье бой 2015 18 октÑбрÑ, Gennady Golovkin vs. David Lemieux's - YouTube[/ame]

    They are not going to be up for long..
  3. belltoller

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    Thanks Madao!

    Did you enjoy that one? lol
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  4. Madao13

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    Yes, a lot! I was looking forward to this and I wasn't disappointed at all.
    The outcomes were predictable of course. Everybody was expecting KOs but that didn't make them less entertaining. The guys that came up short showed huge guts too.

    I am also happy to see Chocolatito getting more exposure to the public..
    The guy is probably the no1 pound for pound fighter in the sport and he is hardly known. He has a tremendous defence and at the same time his KO rate is phenomenal.
    GGG did very good as well. That jab seemed like a piston and it landed every time. Lemieux was helpless. He couldn't do anything about it.
    Golovkin just stopped using it as much in the ending rounds when he was going strong for the KO.
    What do you think of GGG 's defence?
  5. belltoller

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    My thoughts exactly! Lemieux won at least one new fan, I'm telling you. A lot of heart. Unfortunately, he only succeeded in winding GGG up with his best combos and that body shot; which really reflects on Gennady's chin as David is very heavy-handed.

    Agreed - Gonzalez put on a clinic. I think of the fights that were on the card - Gonzalez's looked the best against Viloria - who is no slouch by any means. Better than GGG's. This had to be Roman's crowning achievement to date - and that'd take some doing - he was that spot on.

    I could be wrong but I thought Roman landed more heavies than GGG - who had lazer-guided accuracy himself.

    21 jabs per round average - which, IIRC, is something to the order of 2 - 3 times the avg for the weight class.

    Normally I'd say it "needs some work" but I'm coming to think Gennady's defence is underrated. He squares up - to be sure - but despite taking some combos and getting stunned later in the fight - Gennady actually has subtle head movement - he's very thrifty with his movements - he dern't waste real-estate and when he hunts them down - its not full front - its more of a lateral stalk - which means he's actually being wary of what's going to be delivered towards him and I did notice something this time that I've not noticed before - though I'm certain its been there all along - quite a number of Lemieux' shots were not hitting square - they're glancing blows and I saw a really good philly-shell (shoulder roll) where the shots were glancing off his arm (ala Mayweather without the flair)

    Part of the problem of looking at GGG's defence is that 'piston jab' you described - it really holds them off...keeps his opponents from coming in and doing things they'd normally do - so, one would have to include that jab as part and parcel to his defence?

    Then there is that chin...

    So I think Gennady's the mandatory for the winner of Cotto/Canelo. I have a gut feeling that Cotto really has no time for that buggar (Gennady). I think it'll come down to GGG vs Canelo Alvarez.
  6. Pretty In Pink

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    Just watched it this morning. GGG made it look easy. Like really easy. I loved his defence more than his offence if I'm honest because we all know he's a knock out artist. Lemieux was swinging a bit wild towards the end. GGG waas using that jab and interrupting everything Lemieux was doing by beating him to the punch. GGG's head movement was absolutely minimalist because his feet were always underneath him and his head was never far away from his center. Which I prefer to watch as it's more applicable for me to watch and use in my sports than the no less impressive sway away and reset (used by boxers like Mayweather, Ali, RJJ etc).

    Anyway, bloody good fight, can't wait to see more.

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