Gene Lebell has Died

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    I've seen this on other MA forums (sherdog) and a few MMA blog sites.

    "Former UFC champion and Pancrase star Bas Rutten paid tribute to Lebell on Facebook while referencing an incident in which “The Godfather of Grappling” allegedly choked out Steven Seagal on the set of a movie.

    “The great Gene LeBell, toughest man I know, has passed away and left us at the age of 89,” Rutten wrote.

    “…We all heard the crazy stories, about Seagal, and that he was the first guy to fight MMA in a match against the Boxer Milo Savage in 1963 (I wasn't even born), still pulling wheelies on his motor cycle when he was like 84 years old and if you go online, you find thousand more stories. I have always loved Gene, every single person I know loves Gene, and I am proud to say that we always had fun when we met, always cracking jokes.” "
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    Gene is a legend, and paved the way for many others, especially those wanting you wear a pink gi.

    RIP judo Gene.
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    RIP to a genuine legend. If you don't know about him, go google him and find out. Someone who walked the walk years ago.
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