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  1. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Oi, I'll ave U :woo:

    What I said was;

    "It is with no small amount of trepidation and sadness, I wish to declare that now it's time for me to spend less time with you people online, and more time on my personal development in the Arts.

    While you will still see the occasional 'quip' from me, and my role as moderator remains as given, I leave it to you, the members, to continue building the good will between the arts the site has demonstrated thus far."

    Why does everyone want me to leave?
    :( :( :(
  2. Cain

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    Maybe because u r a 'chief troublemaker' :D

    It wassa joke please, no please, put the gun down please, it won't happen again I promise :D

  3. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    No one wants you to leave Andy! :( And by the looks of things I don’t think you ever will ;)

    It brought a tear to everyone’s eye, there’s so much love on this site! Ironic seeing how all we talk about is smashing people heads in all day! :D
  4. Bombotta

    Bombotta New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I had heard nothing of this controversy stuff until I logged on today to check him out.

    I have to say it is interesting to see what people have to say about him.

    I just met Frank Dux a few weeks ago. He made some pretty big claims, showed a video of him knocking some people out (in front of a large audience) breaking what the video claimed was bullet proof glass (in the video there was a large audience of people present for this display) and then he did a small seminar and a demonstration of some of his skills.

    I have a boxing background and I am not impressed with anything impractical. I have fought in some local full contact events at the armature level. (Sanctioned and with referee's of course) I have also trained on more than one occasion with several UFC competitors including Frank Shamrock, Maurice Smith, Ivan something, and Kosoka (sp) a fighter from Japan.

    Anyway, I came by to see Franks Dux's seminar because a friend of mine had trained in Ninjitsu and I had seen Blood Sport and thought it was a pretty cool movie.

    I can tell you Frank Dux's style looks nothing like Jujitsu to me. I have trained in BJJ. BJJ practicioners are awesome with grappling, but when it comes to striking most I have seen are adequate at best.

    Dux moves more like a boxer or kick boxer than a Jujitsu stylist, and he has an explosive style of movement similar to what I have seen in JKD. --Explode forward with a series of quick powerful strikes and then retreat out of the range of your opponent. Use bob and weaves, create angles and use choppy movements to throw off an opponent.

    The fighting stance he used looked similar to Bruce Lee's or a sugar foot boxing stance--if you are familiar with either.

    I believe his Ninjitsu style incorporates ground fighting, but I did not get a chance to see any of this. This is unfortunate since I consider myself to be pretty good judge of ground skills.

    Anyway, I will say he (Frank Dux) did an extremely impressive high roundhouse kick on a bag hanging aprox 6 feet off the ground. It was fast and he did this cold and in normal clothes. --No warm up, stretching, etc

    Also I believe he said he had had a stroke (or brain surgery or something) a while back so that made it even more impressive to me.

    As for his fighting skill, I cannot say anything except he showed me some interesting stuff for the boxing ring and from seeing him move, I wouldn't want to fight him.

    He is much lighter on his feet than I would expect from a guy his size and he looked pretty damn fast to me.

    As for his record of 300 wins? Hell if I know.
  5. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Welcome Bombotta!

    Nice to have someone who's recently met him and give their opinions. Its amazing just how much interest this thread has had. This thread alone has pretty much had the highest viewing on the entire forum.

    Anyway, welcome aboard and we look forward to hearing more from you. :)
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  6. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Hi Bombotta, look forward to hering from you :D

    And yeah this thread got very few replies compared to the thousands of views

  7. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    <I will say he (Frank Dux) did an extremely impressive high roundhouse kick on a bag hanging aprox 6 feet off the ground. It was fast and he did this cold and in normal clothes. --No warm up, stretching, etc>
    hmm i can do that too...No Warm Up, No stretching, hell if u say i'll so it in freezing winters :D but that's not measure of a MAN :D
    anyways from wat i heard about his claims(false) but he can fight, i guess no one asked if he can fight or not...the main controversy is his claims, that's it or that's not it??
    well welcome to the forum
  8. Chazz

    Chazz Keepin it kickin TKD style

    This guy has got to be one of the most questioned martial artist knowned. A few weeks ago blood sport was on tv. For some reason i started doing info searches on Dux. For hours i read info saying that he is a fake and some saying he is not. To tell the truth i think the only one who will know the truth is him.
  9. darlph

    darlph New Member

    Thanks to someone who has recently seen him. I often wonder what he had been doing since I met him several years back. Bombtta, was he kind of a quiet type person. I mean he wasn't extemely excitable, was he? When I met him, after everyone got pictures and autographs, he kind of walked around an observed alot. Like I said way earlier, 99% may be B.S. but he gave me an insite to spotting your sparring opponents 1st attack that actually was and still is quite true and it has worked for me quite well.
    My personal opinion is that he is a nice acquaintence who has some valuable information and skills in martial arts. As a martial artist, I have never seen him in live action other than film. So who is to really know but him?
  10. thetruth

    thetruth New Member

    Frank Dux is a fake. He is also not an honorable man. he should be exposed and forced to fight with real warriors. The LA Times, the movie industry know he is a con-man. Even within his own ranks he shows no honor. go to and you can read the real truth from one of his students. I am sure over time more and more people will continue to surface and tell what kind a fake he is, and the only question that one person should ask themself is why? Why does this man have so many questioning him? Why? do you see people questioning other great masters who are real. No you don;t because they would get a big foot up their ass! Frank Dux is also a coward and I know people who have called him out. Not with fan fare or wanting PR, etc. They called him out. Just you and me. Know witnesses and choked out. Holla back if anyone has additional stories on this FAKE as the more that come forward the better and maybe we can put it all together in our own story for the world to see.
  11. Miruko

    Miruko New Member

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum, and I must say I am pretty surprised to see a forum like this. I am a martial arts enthusiest, I am 22 years old and my step father has been teaching me various martial arts since I was about 4 years old, hense the Miruko (It means to blend.) So I have a little taste of all the major arts in me.

    I just just finished watching the movie Bloodsport on T.V, and I decided I guess like some of you have done to do a web search for Frank W Dux. This was the first place that I clicked on. I must say that I do believe that Frank W Dux is a real fighter. The reason we obviously cant find out to much info on him, is 1) These are not big fights we are talking about, This is underground Hong Kong Kumite. And 2) If the movie is based on true facts, than Frank W Dux served in the milatary. I dont think that the milatary would allow something like this all over the place. He probably did not want great publicity or anything like that, as this tournament isnt like that, it was about honour, and self accomplishment. How would a reporter right a story on someone winning a tournament, when the poor person can probably not even understand what a Kumite is? Its a underground Fight, he did it to show respect to his master who is a Tanaka. Tanaka is a well know name, He was a sensei and a 8th degree black belt. He studied more accupuncture and self healing. The movie does touch down on these points throughout, Jean Claudes training in the early parts of the movie. I think that if the movie directors or producers showed us this much that is possibly true, I would say that the rest is true, but Frank W Dux is probably just a normal guy that understands the right and honourable ways of doing things.

    Instead of this why are you guys talking about Jean Claude? A martial artist??? hmmmm I think not, more of a gymnist who got a shot, and took it. I personly dont think that he has any real life love for any martial art.

    Anyways this is a sweet forum, I will check in from time to time.

  12. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Welcome Miruko :)

    I'm not surprised you found us on a search for Frank Dux. It is one of the most popular requested threads on search engines for some reason and our extremely clever administrators have managed to make us top in the results!

    I too have watched Bloodsport and enjoy it for what it is, a bit of fantasy meshed with a bit of advertising of martial arts. The breaking of bricks seems to of impressed a few novices (and I'll admit I was impressed when I first saw it too!). Anyway, welcome on board and we look forward to further contributions from you. I would imagine your posts are going to be expansive as I have never seen such a long initial post before...well maybe Darzeka did one when he first came aboard too (?)

  13. Quickhit3299

    Quickhit3299 New Member

    My uncle's best friend friend knows Frank Dux. I've met him, and he's a nice guy. And, according to what I've seen him do, he isn't bad at all at martial arts. However, I have not heard him talk about entering a Kumite, and other things like that, so I'm not gonna say it's a lie, and I'm not gonna say it's true. I'm not really sure what to think of it.
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  14. ptcruiser

    ptcruiser New Member

    I heard Hanshi Frank Dux opened a new website giving rebuttal to the allegations he is a fraud at
    Their students do spar at various invitations. Around the USC area there are few to challenge them mainly since most of DRN greenbelts defeat other styles blackbelts. If he is a fraud, he sure has a put together strong and extremely tough organization.
    I'm not new to ma, been in ma since 1966.
    I have been a blackbelt since 1973 and all these claims (fake or real) doesn't affect my ma's. Anyone is invited to come to their school and check it out.
  15. Sonshu

    Sonshu Buzz me on facebook


    I have read the artical link on your post and it sounds to me (a big sceptic) like sour grapes.

    Yes he has used trickery for public events but he is a good martial artist from the people who have trained with him and have not got a grudge.

    The website sounds like a bit of a personal winge to me - sorry guy.

    I am not a fan of Dux Ryu but he is said to be a very competent fighter.

  16. ptcruiser

    ptcruiser New Member

    Re: thetruth

    Sonshu, I'm neither for nor against Dux Ryu, I started ma before Dux Ryu or JKD.
  17. lopedl

    lopedl New Member

    It's to bad that Frank Dux fabricated everything. But the movie Bloodsport was still an insperational movie for many including myself. At least some good came out of it.
  18. Chazz

    Chazz Keepin it kickin TKD style

    I read thing saying all kinds of things about him. Ive got an idea of what he really is in my mind but then everytime i read something new it changes a little. I do thing that Bloodsport is JUST A MOVIE. A story that he may have heard, or a mix of stories but over all a story. I do think that he may be a good martial artist but wasnt happy with being good, he wanted greatness and fame. So he MADE himself great. I dont know the man so i cant say that he isnt for real, im just saying that this is what i think.
  19. stump

    stump Supersub

    imo yes it does matter. If the guy is a liar then he should be exposed. People like him making extravagent claims about their abilities make the public sceptical and dubious abou tthe martial arts in general.

    If he was a doctor he'd have been struck off. There is no facility like this to deal with bogus martial artists, therefore name and shame is the only tool we really have to deal with charlatans
  20. camel_2000

    camel_2000 New Member

    It is obvious no one here is even remotely familiar with martial arts. Sorry gang, just call it like I see it.

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