FMA near(ish) Manchester UK?

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by JBlack, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. JBlack

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    Afternoon all..

    I'm relatively new on here, and have had a good read around the forum during a bit of downtime..(there's some "interesting" people on here..;)

    Does anybody know of anywhere reputable to study Escrima that's travellable from the Manchester area?? If I had the choice, I'd rather go somewhere that offers a "dedicated" escrima class, rather than teaching their own blend of a bit of Escrima plus "this and that".. I do want to learn 2 different types of martial art, but I'd rather learn them in a relatively pure form and choose for myself which bits to leave in and take out, rather than learn someone elses..

    On my first bit of research, It seems there arent many choices, so I wondered if you guys know any better, If I had the option I'd like to learn the Nickelstick flavour of Balintawak.. And due to my work situation I can be pretty flexible when it comes to travelling for the right place.. I'll post the same question about my other choice of art in the relevent section of the Forum... (Silat Harimau)

    Any thoughts???

    Thanks People..

  2. Bambi

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    There is/was a warriors eskrima group somewhere in manchester, wythenshawe?

    [ame=""]wythenshawe warriors eskrima stick and knife - YouTube[/ame]
  3. geezer

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    Interesting exercise in stick grappling looked like there was no empty handed striking allowed. They probably said as much at the beginning but the sound track was pretty garbled.
  4. Marcie

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  5. JBlack

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    Thanks for those, plans have changed slightly due to the location and recomendations of a Silat school that I'd really like to try, but I'll still take a look at the links and see if they're do-able.
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    FMA in Manchester

    There is also Steve Powells JKD on Newton Street in Manchester. The saturday class offers eskrima from the LaCoste-Inosanto blend.

    All good stuff.

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