Female martial artist wants to beat me up, have I got a chance?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by kevil, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. kevil

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    Some days ago I fought and destroyed a guy from my school. Yesterday his friend told me that my opponent's cousin was going to take revenge on me. I'm afraid of her, because she is a famous bully in my neighborhood and she knows how to fight, because she is going to become a professional mma fighter in the future. I saw her at the gym a few times and she had already attracted my attention, because she had personal coach and made exercises, which most of men wouldn't be able to do so I know that she is very strong. I also heard that she broke an arm of a guy who tried to mug her and almost choked him out before she called police. As you see, she is dangerous, but I can't let her kick my ass. Mayby I should find her and attack first to surprise her, or mayby I should buy some tools to self-defence myself? How do you see my chances? Maybe the mugger was weak and that is why she destroyed him? I'm bigger than her, because sometimes I do physical work in my parents' and visit gym from time to time to lift weights.
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    Just take the ass whopping and apologise for whatever you did.
  3. aaradia

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    Why did you get in that fight with some guy from your school in the first place? Why are you "destroying" people?

    And now you want to escalate it by sneak attacking someone who is only rumored to be wanting revenge? Or buying "tools" (do you mean weapons?) to further escalate things?

    If this isn't a troll post, you need to get out of this cycle of fighting. You are either going to end up getting hurt or land in jail. Find this person and try to talk it out. Apologize if need be.

    Oh, and why make an issue of this person being female? Is part of the problem here an ego involved with not letting a woman get the better of you?
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    Everyone has a *chance*. It depends on the individuals and the given circumstance. I strongly advise against attacking anyone. The legal ramifications of that are not worth your trouble.
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    Cool story bro.
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    Let's hope she beats you with a grammar textbook.
  7. matveimediaarts

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    I approve these shenannigans

    Indeed! :D
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    So which new anime is this?
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    Start a new rumour that you have the hots for her.
    She will keep herself a mile away from you.
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    Worst thread ever....today
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    Dont worry, I doubt a female will best you. That other dude whos arm she broke was likely a weak lickle kid.
  13. Mushroom

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    If it's Gabi Garcia....so long!
  14. chucksmanhood

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    If its Gabi Garcia, Im pulling donkey guard and accepting my fate.
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    Gabi only fights little old ladies nowadays so OP should be fine
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    Ding Ding Ding! JACKPOT!
  19. Mushroom

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    Since this was back in 2016 and no updates....he's probably been destroyed or in jail.

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