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  1. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    Ok people, what are all your favourite techniques to use. Mine are sweeps, headbutts to the nose, sau choy(which I picked up from a mate) and any throw. How about you?
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  2. Nerevar

    Nerevar A son of a mother

    -Half slap/half push "hits" to someone's head. Often the side of their head then the otherside right after. Makes them loose balance and can actually end a fight... or start one. :D

    -A good, solid knee or elbow. Thrown right it doesn't matter too much where it lands, it is gonna hurt.

    -And you can never go wring with the good ol' time trusted Tatsumaki Sempukyaku/Hadoken/Shoruken. Not much beats a 1080 degree cresent kick followed by a fireball and finished up with an upercut that sends you 20 feet in the air. Style, baby, thats what it's all about. :cool:
  3. Socrastein

    Socrastein The Boxing Philosopher

    With rear hand, I slap down their front hand, and then my lead hand flies in and cracks them in the face. So far nobody is fast enough to block this. It is one of my fastest techniques, especially since I have my lead arm slightly bent and laying down (As in, almost parallel to the floor) so it's loaded and ready to whip out there faster than anyone can block. It is hard to explain in text, but it is a very simple technique, and my favorite one, because it is so effective and I can use it so often (Doesn't require special circumstances or trying to set up positioning).

    My second favorite is a twisting front snap kick to the cack and blabs. My front snap is very very fast, and I get this hit in all the time, the moment someone opens up just a few inches down there. By twisting front snap, I mean it's like a front snap except you point your foot to the side and hit with a very slight hooking action. It's perfect for slipping behind someone's guard and toe-stabbing them in the nads.

    Finally, I like to grab someone's lead arm and quickly pull them into my knee as it slams into their gut. My size and strength advantage makes this a sure hit if I can manage to get my hands around their arm, which is almost a sure thing too because of my speed and grip.

    Okay, maybe that wasn't really the final one. I just thought of another. I like to throw a straight punch for someone's face, purposefully at a slower speed than normal, and when they block it I fold my arm as I step in and plow my elbow into their face, which they can't block because I'm slipping behind their blocking arm which is occupied :D
  4. Ikken Hisatsu

    Ikken Hisatsu New Member

    the one where you sit on their chest and mush their face into the ground while screaming like the blood spattered psycho you are.
  5. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    That works well ikken. I also reallyreallyreally(continues for an hour) Really like sutemi waza (sacrifice throws) for some reason. I also like hip throws, and shoulder throws
  6. mhyst

    mhyst New Member

    I also love throws - hip throws the most, and strangles and arm locks and ne waza. :D:D
  7. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    As far as striking goes, I really like a tiger claw to the floating ribs. That just plain hurts.

    Outside of that I like wrist lock techniques an awful lot too. They're usually quick to apply, and can cause a lot of damage.

    Just for fun, I'm a fan of all of our different fireman's carry throws. I don't know how practical they'd actually be, but it's a lot of fun to pick someone up on your back in class and throw them down.
  8. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I have loads of favourites :)
    For sparring and competition or self defence: Left hook, low roundhouse, front kick, outer elbow, clinch n' knees, hip throw. I love high kicks too, particularly high roundhouses and front kicks, though front kicks aren't good when takedowns are a factor
    For randori and grappling: reverse hip throw to arm bar (get it right and they're winded enough that they don't spot you popping the arm bar on). I also love putting on a body triangle when taking the opponent's back and finishing it off with either a gi choke or rear naked choke. I'm a big fan of kimuras and keylocks as well
    For showing off: jumping spinning crescent kick to spinning back kick with the same leg. Tornado kick to low spinning sweep with the opposite leg finished with a rising uppercut (aka the Dragon Punch :D)
  9. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Anything that works well ;)
  10. Kyle_s7

    Kyle_s7 New Member

    My favorite

    Stand Up: Thai clinch (very hard to get!), and leg kicks (hard enough to make them fall on there knees!).
    Ground: Arm Bar, Triangle, Paintbrush, and Kemora!
  11. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    Sao Choy. KO move to the extreme.
  12. Kyle_s7

    Kyle_s7 New Member

    Your Signature!

    :cool: "If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which he has inflicted on men, he would kill himself."
  13. Bellator Manus

    Bellator Manus Warrior of the Hand

    Guillotine choke.

    Varitiy of gun disarms (hard to do but look cool)

    There were a few others which involved a take down which goes into an arm bar. I like those too.

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