Favorite belt color

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Favorite belt color?

  1. White

    31 vote(s)
  2. Yellow

    6 vote(s)
  3. Orange

    9 vote(s)
  4. Green

    23 vote(s)
  5. Blue

    41 vote(s)
  6. Red

    53 vote(s)
  7. Purple

    26 vote(s)
  8. Brown

    13 vote(s)
  9. Black

    109 vote(s)
  10. Other

    17 vote(s)
  1. TKDTraditional

    TKDTraditional Valued Member

    My favorite color is any one that doesn't stain the back of my uniform!
    To narrow that down further, any belt that doesn't have stripes--sorry, I think tape is tacky.
    When I trained in Aikido, you were white until you made Black belt. This made you demonstrate your rank by your behavior and your technique, not by the way you struted around with a colored belt. After a long period of time, your white belt was pretty dingy and dirty but you wore it with pride! I'd almost think a dingy colored belt is my favorite. However, I wouldn't trade a Black belt for a dingy belt.

    My next goal is a frayed and ratty belt.
    In some schools that mark degrees of Black belt with Roman numbers--I, II, III--students add a new I to their old rank. That belt is looking very frayed before they reach 4th dan.

    So, my favorite belt is a frayed and ratty Black belt.
  2. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    You did Aikido and now do TKD? Your post makes it sound like you didn't take much away from your Aikido training.

    P.S. - Are you really 6 years old?
  3. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    I'm really attached to my brown belt now, we've been together a long time roughly 5 years, it's been a rocky relationship we have had our ups and downs but we've managed to stick together through thick and thin.

    But I think now is the time to move on we've outgrown each other and have agreed it's time to call it a day. :p

    I dont want to take my dan grading it means Ill have to do the comrpomise thing again and break in a new belt.

    Bittersweet :cry:
  4. Myst Kitty

    Myst Kitty New Member

    Honestly, Black because its my favorite color. Always has been:D
  5. Taekwondomaster

    Taekwondomaster New Member

    black has to be my favorite especially with a black Gi it marks you as an elite and I like that.
  6. wayne649

    wayne649 allie of the night

    i have 2 say orange, because i just got my orange belt and it really useful for rubbing in my yellow friends face
  7. Ninja01

    Ninja01 Becky

    Blue is my favorite belt color, and my favorite form. My instructor has called me Becky blue ever since I was a blue belt. Because it ryhmes I guess, ha.
  8. Jack_Brando

    Jack_Brando New Member

    A red belt man! Its all, well its, bright, but it stands out from yellow and orange, probobly the belt you see least (for me), and its like, RED!

    Personally the coolest belt, is a CHAIN belt, not really a belt, but how about a RED CHAIN belt!
  9. *Magesty*

    *Magesty* Valued Member

    I have to say purple just cause its the best colour around! :D
  10. JHughes

    JHughes New Member

    black with out a secands hesitation.
  11. Lucan

    Lucan Valued Member

    Brown, with yellow polka dots.
  12. Doodleflip

    Doodleflip New Member

    Just can't beat the classic black :D
  13. Rhea

    Rhea Laser tag = NOT MA... Supporter

    Seconded after that damn orange still won't come out!
  14. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    It's risky, but Purple is my favourite because it's a pretty colour and really suits my hairstyle.

    I am straight, I am secure, deal with it
  15. JHughes

    JHughes New Member

    i think black or white are the best colours mainly because all the others look pretty tacky if i'm honest
  16. Ana-mia

    Ana-mia New Member

    <3 Purple ^^
    Soon i will own one hehe
    Other than that black, no one messes with a black belt :)
  17. AkadeannaHawk

    AkadeannaHawk New Member

    A 3 way tie for me (in order): Red which is my favorite color period; Camouflage; and Black
  18. flammee

    flammee Valued Member

    Green, my favourite color and happens to be my current belt. Looks fine with black hakamas and white gi..
  19. Dragonhead

    Dragonhead Manchester United Fan :)

    I like blue belt, than green and purple :)
  20. Susano

    Susano New Member

    I have to say I like the brown belt the best for some reason it seems pro, albeit it just one of my fav colors :p

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