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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Stevebjj, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    I ran across this website: Looks fun. It's like a virtual MMA league. I noticed that Bullshido is taking over and thought it would be fun to set up a MAP club.

    Any interest?
  2. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Valued Member

    are you serious???
  3. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    Well, I was. :confused:

    It looks like fun to me. I guess maybe I don't really understand the depth of the animosity towards bullshido. I mean, I read both regularly, and while there's a definite difference in philosophy sometimes, I thought the rivalry was somewhat friendly. This seemed like a good way to get some competition in and give them a little bit of a hard time.
  4. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    So, what have I missed? With 45 views, but absolutely no interest, I've obviously missed something completely. Would someone be willing to tell me why this is such a bad idea? I am genuinely baffled by the complete lack of response. I know that there are MMA fans on the boards here, and many of you guys seem to be interested in online games and stuff like that. Am I just completely geeky for thinking that this looks fun?
  5. Tommy-2guns...

    Tommy-2guns... southpaw glassjaw

    im interested im just not too sure how it all works, i may have a re read as i was a bit distracted last time. im sure some people will get involved, i dont think its anything to do with bullshido its just the right people havent seen it yet,theyll come dont worry.
  6. pauli

    pauli mr guillotine

    all ya gotta do:

    someone forms a map camp, then invites (or accepts invite requests) from everybody else who wants to join.

    then, select who you think is going to win from the options for each event. you get points if you're right, and more points if you get the round right.

    there's a side bet system available, but it's not key to the whole thing.

    a season is ten events, iirc, at the end of which, the winner is decided.

    the whole thing is easy enough that i've been able to do it. y'all can do it too. has anybody let the fight subforum know about this?
  7. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Try giving it more than a couple of hours ;)
    I'm interested in it and I'm sure a few other people will be too. I'll give it a proper look tomorrow
  8. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    LOL.. no problem. I just posted the thread yesterday morning, and a full day went by with only one response asking if I was being serious. I was having a real crisis! :)
  9. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Right, you bunch of shiftless hippies
    This is now in the MMA forum so hopefully we'll hear who's up for this. It's not a hugely time-consuming thing from what I've seen, nothing major, just a bit of fun. If there's enough interest, this thread can be a sticky for us to discuss our team picks etc
    No matter how badly we do, we should at least be able to pwn the TUF n00b crew at Sherdog :D
  10. wazzabi

    wazzabi sushi eater

    regarding TUF noobs. it's funny how so many people in north america know about the UFC & its stars but know nothing about PRIDE, who has the better fighters. i'm pretty sure the average UFC fan doesn't even know PRIDE is having events in the US.
  11. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    err... hate to break it to you.. but there's a thing called the internet and people from just about anywhere can follow Pride fights and fighters. Heck - it gets even crazier... they can actually download and watch most of the fights as well.

    Who'd a thunk? :p
  12. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    Even one year ago I would have agreed with you, but the UFC has demonstrated that it's the promotion to beat over the last several months. acquiring the WEC (and Urija Favor in a strong 145lbs division) and the contracts for Rampage and Cro Cop speak volumes.
  13. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I think his point was that the vast majority of these people who came to the game from following TUF (ie, most of Sherdog and a big chunk of the UFC's current prime audience) don't know or care about the other organisations, think Chuck Liddell is the greatest striker in the world and actually think Diego Sanchez will have a chance of getting the WW belt off of St Pierre
    But this isn't a UFC vs Pride thread, this is a MAP fantasy MMA league thread. Is no one actually interested in this? I'd like to hear some more "aye"s from you all
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2007
  14. Blevunly

    Blevunly Valued Member

    I'm in, this seems similar to the one on subfighter. So since I'm already doing one might as well do another.
  15. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Valued Member

    i did not mean to insult you, i was just suprized to hear about such a thing. however with all the fantisy sports now maybe i should not have been
  16. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I've set up an account and a "MAP Team" camp. Join up :D
  17. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    We're doing OK on the join rate (4 members, more than most of the camps there!)
    The upcoming events are mostly pretty easy on the fight picks; the next UFC's pretty much a showcase/ mass can opening so we should do OK
    My UFC67 picks are:

    Anderson Silva over Travis Luter in round 1
    Mirko Crocop over Eddie Sanchez in round 1
    Quinton Jackson over Marvin Eastman in round 2
    Patrick Cote over Scott Smith by unanimous decision (pretty much the only competitive fight on this card)
    Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida over Hogar in round 2 (if Lyoto comes in the mood to fight, they're gonna be scraping Hogar off the mat)
    Tyson Griffin over Frank Edgar in round 2 (pretty arbitrary on the round, I've never seen Edgar fight, but Griffin has "next big thing" written all over him)

    How about you lot?
  18. Tommy-2guns...

    Tommy-2guns... southpaw glassjaw

    were only welterweights :eek: ,c'mon people join up!
  19. Oversoul

    Oversoul Valued Member

    I've got mostly the same. My round numbers are switched for Rampage and Anderson Silva, mostly because I haven't seen too much of Travis Luter and so I'm hesitant to say that Silva will be able to dismantle him in one round. And I guess I'm expecting Rampage to be his old self, in which case I think he can KO Eastman within a few minutes.

    I've also got Diego Saraiva over Dustin Hazelett in round 3 and John Halverson over Roger Huerta, but not sure about whether it will go to decision. And Jorge Rivera over Terry Martin in round 1.

    It's the next events where I'm messed up. I'm picking Henderson over Silva and Couture over Sylvia for some reason. Those seem like long shots, but I don't know. Both of those guys specifically asked for their fights. Maybe they know something no one else does. Or maybe they've taken too many punches to the head...
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2007
  20. Blevunly

    Blevunly Valued Member

    So what's everyones picks for Pride 33?

    Mine are...

    Henderson over Wanderlei UD
    Diaz over Gomi KO round 2
    Sergei over Yvel Sub round 1
    Wiuff over Nak UD
    Sakurai over Danzig UD
    Misaki over Trigg UD
    Rua over Overeem KO round 1

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