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  1. Ninja*Rina

    Ninja*Rina Bint Biter

    1) Go to,
    2) Type in "Failure" (without the quotes)
    3) Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky"
    4) Be un-surprised.

    5) Tell your friends before the people at Google Fix it

    I found it hilarious.
  2. Chimpcheng

    Chimpcheng Yup... Giant cow head... Supporter

    Bwahahahahaha. I'm loving it. :D
  3. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    OMG this is the 3rd time someone posted this here...

    It's funny, but not THAT funny... :bang:
  4. Ninja*Rina

    Ninja*Rina Bint Biter

    bite me
    if your not happy, dont post mate
  5. CosmicFish

    CosmicFish Aleprechaunist

    Yes it is! Post it again!!!! :) :) :)

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