Fa jing:an explanation

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by Putrid, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I like this.

    I am prohibited from going into the details of this in any depth, but I can say this is similar to what I do in one Neigung exercise.

    The key in all of this that I can pick up is rotary motion to overcome linear force.
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    It doesn't matter you want to call it "internal' or "external". The important is whether your body can achieve 6 harmonies and function as one single unit, all body parts move and stop at the same time. If your legs have stopped moving but your punching arm is still moving (or the other way around), you will have bad Fajin even if you train "internal" system. Sometime it's easier to coordinate your body to achieve 6 harmonies in slow motion. But to be able to do it in combat speed will be your ultimate goal.
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  3. El Medico

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    :D The Fire Element from Fu Hok Hung Gar. Minor differences in positioning of non-striking hand.

    Mr. W., does this entail advancing a couple inches or so forward into the horse? That's what we did.
  4. YouKnowWho

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    The position of the non-striking hand just try to achieve the maximum body rotation from one extream (left shoulder forward) into another extream (right shoulder forward).

    The 1st punch can be a big hopping. The 2nd punch can be just a downward dropping, or a front foot forward stepping with back foot sliding. It depends on how far your opponent may retreat during your 1st punch.
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    Hi If I can help you with any questions about Erle or his system, please fire away. As for his take on Fajing, I can show it, if anyone wants to come and train for free. :)
  6. Hannibal

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    Why did he not fight Renzo? :)
  7. whoflungdat

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    Funny thats not what Erle told me.
    Renzo wanted to fight in a ring, which would have been to his advantage, for Erle to say "you may die" is complete horse crap, is completely out of Corrector.
    what Erle asked was can I use my full art without rules? it was not Erle who backed down.
  8. Hannibal

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    Hence Cliff notes rather than "transcript" - and "Can I use my full art?" was agreed to was it not?

    Also why would a ring offer an advantage? If you have to be terrain dependant for your art to be functional then something is amiss

    Without either of us being privvy to the conversation we can only speculate, but Renzo certainly did not back down
  9. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    cos its ot the street where theres wall - wait... but a cage or ring has ropes/fences that could be used as walls...

    maybe he's referring to eye gouging and nut kicking as part of the "full art" but it wasnt a death match anyway, it was a style and skill test, you dont spar with nut kicks.
  10. Hannibal

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    Renzo was up for it...and tell Joe Son you don't fight with groin strikes :)
  11. Taiji_Lou

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    fa jing is done by doing, not by scoffing.

    we should all make the extra effort to get along here on MAP. I bet if we were all in a gym together we'd all be ecstatic and sharing ideas and trying each others techniques and sparring and at least one dude would be parading around in his gi and belt and barking orders. we should all act like friends, otherwise I'm afraid we're all being way too fake with each other.
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  12. Putrid

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    Quite true.I had a kind of argument by PM the other day with a guy I have met and trained with a few times.When we have met in real life we have got on fine.Ironically the argument was about fa jin.:D
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  13. LilBunnyRabbit

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    I think there's some confusion here. Just because I fundamentally disagree with someone's viewpoint to the point that it enrages me and makes me want to bite the heads off kittens, doesn't mean I wouldn't get along with them otherwise. It's a discussion, sometimes they get heated.

    Trying to pretend that I have any respect at all for their theory would be misleading of me. I prefer to be honest and open.

    Sure. Where are you? Am I allowed to bring measuring equipment along and set up a few tests?

    :bang: Why do people say things like this?

    Surely it's the use of a rotary motion to redirect a linear force rather than overcoming it?

    Overcoming a force implies meeting it head on with a greater force, whereas redirection implies applying a perpendicular force to change the resultant vector.

    This is also known as a parry, and is common in many martial arts (often referred to as 'blocking' in some, although blocking can also refer to an attempt to overcome rather than redirect).
  14. Johnno

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    I think what Lou really meant was that he's getting tired of his daft posts getting shot down in flames, and he'd prefer it if we all humoured him.

    What sort of equipment would you need to measure fa-jing?

    To hide, is the short answer to that!

    I'd agree with that. I'd class a 'block' as meeting an incoming force head-on, and a 'parry' as diverting it away from it's target. But I suppose it's a matter of semantics: sometimes a parry gets referred to as a block.
  15. whoflungdat

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    Sparing does not come into it, the way I see it is this look at a lot of Martial Arts, not what anyone here is doing obviously. We all learn how to basically destroy someone if it is necessary. (Martial Arts originated on the battlefield after all) However a lot of Martial Arts Have lost there cross over from the Dojo to the streets, hence lots of people kick box when they spar.
    Erle never spared in a ring, nor did he teach it. Look at it this way, if you are a great kick boxer would you enter a judo competition? Hence the problem, Erle did not want to use ring rules, as this would definitely have been a disadvantage, the reverse goes for his opponent. As for nut kicks, i was never shown this as a solution.

    Thought; "If you can't use your Art against someone who can fight on the street (not just some drunk idiot) then whats the point."
  16. Smitfire

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    Not all of them.
    Karate didn't.
  17. whoflungdat

    whoflungdat Valued Member

    Very True, but the word Karate as of my understanding means "the Chinese way" so its origins did.
  18. whoflungdat

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    A good way to test fa-jing, stick someone in full contact, body armor and hit them with your finger tips already touching them. If its right then they will definitely feel it, as a strike not a push.
    This is also a good way to test connectivity. :)
  19. whoflungdat

    whoflungdat Valued Member

    Tests? that would be interesting lol
    Full body armor is the way to go, you have to feel it.
    I live near Cambridge and train in Leicester, if that's any help :)
  20. Putrid

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    Where about in Leicester do you train?

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