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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by leeroyjenkins, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    Looking to get an example video of a fighter with decent striking defense, preferably K1 / Kickboxing. I need to study some things, so if you guys know of a fighter with particuarly respected striking defense let me know. I had Ray Sefo in mind as he looked decent vs mark hunt in their epic maori warrior battle before a head got taken off. Any people stand out?

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    There's a lot of different ways to have "good defence". You can be good at dodging shots in the pocket, blocking everything with shins and arms, keeping out of range with footwork or smothering your opponent with clinches, for example. Which particular type of defence are you thinking about?
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    Andy Souwer
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    Good point. I was talking more about fighters that have a stellar guard, always keep their hands up and make sure to block hooks, straights and jabs with their gloves and throw their techniques with good strike defence in mind, i.e throwing a right hook and leaving the left hand plastered into the face to counter a potential punch from the opponent.

    I was initially thinking sefo, his fight vs hunt he looked to be using a high guard and tucking his chin in and avoiding alot of hunts shots....hunt on the other hand has a different method and tends to lean in and use a crab like defense and other times just uses his massive samoan head!

    Hope that clarifies
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