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    I´m involved with the internal martial arts, currently I´m doing Chow Gar. I have heard that because of the training methods in the south Chinese systemsn (White Crane, Bak Mei, Southern Mantis) there is a health risk inherent in the training.

    I´ve heard its possible to die from energy despersion when one is middle aged, if you get a little sick and has to stay in bed for some time. Then you can´t maintain the tension you have build up, and in a few weeks, there is a chance you start getting cancers or organs going wrong.

    Anyone with knowledge on the subject that wants to elaborate on it?
  2. If you maintain proper tension at all times, this ain't gonna happen! :D:D

    What are you smoking? :)

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    Yep. It's nonsense. Kind of like an urban myth, but with even less genuine threat behind it.
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    If your body is constantly full of stress and tension there is a good chance you will suffer health problems.Why would anyone want to maintain excessive tension in their body? Most martial artists have too much tension to start with.
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    Welcome to MAP.

    I am afraid that this is one of those things like having to register with the police when you become a black belt that just isn't true.
    Keep up the internal arts study, because as Putrid said most martial artists hold onto to much tension.
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    If you want to avoid crazy cancers, just be careful about old school dit da jow recipes. Lying in bed will just make ya fat :p
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    How do we learn martial arts? We learn by practicing, by repeating? Every time we perform an action, we learn from the action outcome. The outcome is not just the end result of the action. It’s all the information that our brain receives and processes during the performance of the action and after the performance of the action.
    This information also includes our intent. It is against this intent that the information gathered from our senses is compared, and the action is corrected to fit more and more closely to the intent. Based on that information our bodies and in particular our nervous system and our brain are physically reshaped. New neurons are created to help gather and process the information necessary for controlling the action, new muscle and connective tissue fibers are created to allow our bodies to perform the action. The more we repeat the action, the more our bodies get changed by it. But if there is no intent present during the action performance, a crucial element of this learning mechanism is missing, and learning becomes difficult and sometimes impossible. This is why in internal martial arts there is so much insistence on performing actions with intent. Clear intent alone, even without any physical movement, causes the process of body mind reshaping to start taking place. With clear intent, the mind will act on the body. Without clear intent, the mind will react to the body. There is a huge difference here. The intent is like a blueprint that our body uses to reshape itself. In order to have a clear blueprint, we need to have a clear and powerful intent. To have a clear and powerful intent we need to have a clear mind. Thoughts and emotions not only distort the intent, but interfere with our senses and the way the information that comes from our senses is processed. Our thoughts and our emotions get jumbled together with our intent and all the information that comes from our senses, and that informational mess is used to reshape your body. Imagine what that does to you. If you practice angry, you will hardwire that anger into your body. That is bad for your health. It will not make you stronger or more powerful. It will just make you sick. This is where “Practice internal kung fu happy.” advice becomes very important.
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    I think I know why your posts keep getting automatically flagged up as spam.

    Try some line breaks.
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    I don't understand what you mean. is spam trying to explain how things work? if you practice your martial arts with lots of tension and anger, they will, according to latest scientific research and ancient Taoist wisdom, be imbedded into your body, and will cause you to get sick. i can post links to sites where you can get more information on this if you want to.
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    Some of your posts are delayed until a moderator's looked at them, if I remember correctly. This is because they're flagged up as junk posts, or spam. Most likely this'll be down to not using enough line breaks in your posts.

    If you just break up the post a little it'll be easier for people to read, and less likely to be flagged for moderation.
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    Sorry I misunderstood you. Thank you for your advice.
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    LBR, you are wrong. As a newby leftwingtaoist's posts needed MOD approval. He just happened to get in a few posts before I had time to give the approval.

    Nothing to do with spam at all*.

    *Just so everyone is clear.

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