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  1. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    FWIW the 15 Volume Encyclopedia which replaced Ko Dang with Ju Che was first printed in 1983. If your book has an earlier date it would be confusing to call it "The Encyclopedia".

    The 1972 Book which went thru several editions before the Encyclopedia came out was nicknamed "The Bible" Once the 15 Volume encyclopedia came out it was not reprinted. Instead there was a "Condensed version" single volume of the encyclopedia.
  2. M1911a1

    M1911a1 New Member

    We called it "the bible", are these ever available? I may want one once I get 1st Dan.
  3. martinnharvey

    martinnharvey Valued Member

    You can still pick them up second hand on eBay occasionally.
    They range in price from £60-£100 depending on age and condition
  4. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    IMO why waste the time and $ . Their are sites with PDFs of the 15 Volumes, and you can likely find sites with Ko Dang As well.

    If you want a great reference tool you can get the CD / DVD Rom that has the 15 Volumes of the encyclopedia plus video of all patterns viewable from 4 directions.

    Going to the 1972 edition would be like using a slide rule in the age of the calculator, or 45 RPM in the age of MP3s.

    If you are asking what a 45RPM is well...
  5. martinnharvey

    martinnharvey Valued Member

    I am a fan of modern technology and have the 15 volume PDF's on my phone and tablet.
    I also have a couple of copies of the 15 volume encylopedia and condensed version as it is easier to put a book in your training bag and take it with you when you need to refer to it when learning a new pattern.
    You cant write notes on a tablet.
    Also it helps fill the book case shelves and makes me look more 'windswept and interesting' when people visit ;-)
  6. Earl Weiss

    Earl Weiss Valued Member

    Some years ago the USTF started putting out a "Pattern Handbook" Has the same text as the encyclopedia and has been updated as new issues come out.

    Nice small paperback with some items like speeds bold faced.

    Some hard core eastern european guy came to train with me and made a comment like "You don't need that we have General Choi's book" I told him he was more than welcome to carry the large hardcover book with him - (but he didn't) I would stick with the small paperback.

    Just last night a student asked a question about the "Tool" for the stamping kick. Looked it up in Vol IV on my I Books to confirm I gave correct answer.

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