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  1. James Brunton

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    Hello all
  2. JohnnyX

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    Hello you. :D
  3. James Brunton

    James Brunton New Member

    hey, how're things in Lancashire?
  4. JohnnyX

    JohnnyX Map Addict

    Things are fine in Lancashire.


    Tells us a little bit about yourself - After all this is the Intros & Bios Section. :D
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  6. James Brunton

    James Brunton New Member

    Well, my name is James, I'm 23 and I'm doing my phd in a college in Dublin. I used to live in Cork where I trained in Tiger Claw Kung Fu and A self-defence system. For the last few years I've been training in nanshaolin wuzuquan or five ancestors fist in a club here in dublin, am i allowed put the website addresses in posts? Its a cool style with enough in it to keep a person busy till they're about 102. Thats prob a good tidy summary! J
  7. Dr.Syn

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    Hello and Greetings from the USA..
  8. Grifter

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  9. pinkpsycho

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    Hello!!! :love: Nice to meet you!! :love:
  10. burungkol

    burungkol Team Yaw-Yan

    welcome! =) nice meeting you :D
  11. Kinjiro Tsukasa

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    Welcome to MAP, James! You might want to take advantage of the following (It's from the Martial Arts Planet "Terms of Service":

    3.2 Advertising your club
    For those of you who would like to post details of your martial arts club we have a "Clubs" section located on all MAP top menus where you are free to post details of your club etc.

    So, the website address shouldn't appear in your posts, but feel free to use the "Clubs" section.
  12. James Brunton

    James Brunton New Member

    thanks a million for that, knowledge is power! j
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