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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by fluffydoc, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. fluffydoc

    fluffydoc Carry On MAPper

    I've PM'd a few of you about this but thought a thread would be the best way to let everyone know that the night out will be on 27th July at China China which is around the top of Leith but I've forgotten the street name. If anyone wants to come along please PM me so I can arrange numbers/ meeting place/ how to recognise each other etc. Clearly the aikido bunch can just tell me at training on Sunday.
    Hope to see a few unfamiliar faces - oh and Fraser and Andy too!
    Fluffy :p
  2. Tintin

    Tintin Cats: All your base...

    Thought I'd best reply to this thread as nobody else has bothered yet. Is anyone still interested in going out on Saturday? We'll be training on Sunday morning as well if anyone wants to join us.
  3. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Love to do both mate, unable to either though :( :( :(

  4. fluffydoc

    fluffydoc Carry On MAPper

    If this date's not suiting, please let me know and we could rearrange.
  5. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel

    Don't make it in August please as I'm away for most of it! (So's Celine - better not forget the girlfriend!!)
  6. Cooler

    Cooler Keepin The Peace Supporter

    I would love to come up for an Edinburgh meet but unfortunatly I work the doors on the weekends. :(

    I would like to arrange a time to come up and train with you guys and gals sometime though. :)

  7. fluffydoc

    fluffydoc Carry On MAPper

    OK, from PM's it looks like the 27th won't suit a lot of people for various reasons. Next suggestion is September. Who's up for it? Cooler, you're welcome to come and train anytime.
  8. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel

    I think that EVERYBODY who uses MAP should come and train with us!!! Even those that live abroad should come!!!:D After all, Edinburgh is the centre of the universe!!
  9. Cooler

    Cooler Keepin The Peace Supporter

    Thank you fluffydoc I'll hopefully get up in the near future I will PM you nearer the time for details.

  10. Jack

    Jack Valued Member

    lol Silver, let me guess - the sun revolves around the earth, which coincidentally is flat not round. yes? :D
  11. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel

    Don't be ridiculous Jack...of course the Earth's not flat!!! Education nowadays!!! The Earth revolves around the sun because Edinburgh tries not to show off the fact that it is the centre of the universe....it's very humble about it's status. Doesn't everybody know that? Do you like Birdseye fishfingers Jack? Hmmmm....something to think about.....
  12. Greyghost

    Greyghost Alllll rrigghty then!


    Sounds like Jack is a henchman of the evil Captain Birdseye.......i think we should batter him.....and serve him with chips.......

    The Fiendish Fish Finger Flinger must be stopped......

  13. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel

    Well said!!!

    I'm afraid that you are going to have to fight the good fight by yourself this weekend GG. I'm off to Reykjavik on a scouting mission for the weekend. If I find anyone there who is particularly fishy or frozen I will let you know:D

    See you all on Monday!
  14. Jack

    Jack Valued Member

    Why yes, yes of course. ;)

    Heh, um...*sweats profusely and glances around at the angry horde of Scotsmen*..no?
  15. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    In a loud booming voice

    Yes come to Edinburgh, train, drink and then train some more once the pubs have shut, yes a grand idea.
  16. Spike

    Spike New Member

    Yes come to Edinburgh for a good UKESOL!

    "Mos Eisley UKESOL, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
  17. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel


    Ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol, ukesol ukesol ukesol!!! Ukesol! Ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol ukesol?



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