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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Stick, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. matsloth

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    hi clyde
    yes i know kev mills and his guy's amrik and the rest they know me as well,i also know bob walsh , gary ellis ect .
    it's a shame you feel that way about progression as this is a progression based art,"childish and futile " interesting !!!!!!. as i said before thanks for the compliment mate !!!! much apreciated!!!!!. never mind .
    we are of different opinions ,exellent!!!!!.
    i hope one day we get to train together.
    i am not a dojo artist.
  2. Clyde

    Clyde New Member

    Do you have 20+ years in martial arts? I've got 28 and still wouldn't think of creating my own style, it'd still be Kenpo, I can't change that. I've seen lots of guys CREATE their own styles, some with less than 10 years of training, and 99% of them sucked. If you happen to fall into that 1%, then more power to you. Yes, I've done many arts, and have lots of good info, but creating your own system is putting yourself on par with Mr. Parker, even I'm not ready for that yet, in a few more years, maybe. I'm still having epiphanies every day, when they quit coming, I'll start my own gig. Sorry mate, gotta calls em' as I sees em'.

    Progression is understanding of a base first, then moving forward from there, are you sure you're not lacking a base?

    So how come you don't train with Kevin? From what I've seen, his group is the best over there.

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  3. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    I will agree with Clyde on his previous posts about 2/3hrs a day training, I do that and im not even in Kenpo, im only about half way to black but then again im only about a 1/3rd through my art. Im in Shou Shu, but besides that------ Clyde has been right in so many respects on his posts. no matter what laziness comes to mind when one wants to start his own style without having it all to begin with. Interpretation is ones imagination. so many people have taken what Ed Parker said his art should be as their own imagination of what their art should be. No matter what just remember Ed Parker envisioned an ever changing art. in other words if you had it all then you could change it. if you were a brown belt then you didnt have it all and you shouldnt think of changing it because you dont have the knowledge you should to change it.

    "you" being anyone with a thought on starting their own system to make money, fame, or are just tired of being the one taught what they think they dont need to know, and want to be the one in charge.

    Although Larry Tatum and Mills are not in my art i see them as highly regarded figures in the kenpo world. I would want to study with them to see what it was that they had that i needed if i wished to start my own system. but isnt it after 5th Dan in Kenpo that you can start your own system.

    just thoughts that i felt needed to get out. Yeah its a red ferrarri from outside but inside its really a pontiac firebird. " ever seen those cars, they look real deal on the outside but inside they are really only a 6cyl POS"

  4. mekosho

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    S.MAC...According to research on the history of Kempo done by Ken Warner that I found on www.kempokan.com wchich led me to Al Tracys site, William Chow did in fact train with Mitose in his Kempo Jujutsu style in Hawaii. It also states that, despite many stories to the contrary, Chow ONLY trained in Kempo and possibly Danzan Ryu Jujutsu at Henry Okazakis dojo...at the very least he spent time there, never in any Chinese Kung Fu. This story, according to Warners research, was apparently fabricated by Ed Parker. Al Tracy even goes so far as claiming that no Chinese at the time would have even considered training William Chow in Kung Fu because he was not pure blood Chinese...
  5. S.Mac

    S.Mac New Member

    Recently, I too have heard this explanation, and it seems reasonable enough.
  6. matsloth

    matsloth New Member


    hi clyde
    your welcolme to your opinion ,but i could'nt give a monkeys .
    i am known in the uk , you have never trained with me , or seen me train .
    the U.S.A may be the mecca but also has great arogance .
    bruce lee had no grades .
    and before anyone jumps on that one "NO I DON'T THINK I AM BRUCE LEE",
    nor parker . nor tatum . nor la tourrette , i am matt , and i do as i please ,
    if people don't like it they don't have to train with me .
    but my 200+ students don't agree.i am a pro fighter and i train pro fighters ,
    kenpo has a place in the full contact arena .i do have a epak club , i love epak , but i see things different , and isn't martial arts about freedom and expression , or is that only relative to peoples opinions to.
    as for years training my instructor has about 30 years ,and is an awsome kenpoist , and as long as he thinks my system is functioning "GREAT" .
    life is full of people with critasisms , and if they were as constructive as they were destructive the martial arts world would be a much better place to be .
    i will be doing seminars all over the uk , come see for yourself ,but i hate false judgement , people who dismiss before trying , shame .
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :rolleyes: :eek:

    p.s i'm not in it for financial gain , i already have a sucsesfull business .
  7. getgoin

    getgoin Idiot Savant

    GM Parker started to develope his art after only a few years of actual training, a couple years boxing and a couple in judo as a kid. Trained with Chow for a couple of years went into the coast guard and such came back and continued for a couple of more years. I have read post here that have put, Parker, Chow, Emperado, Tatum whoever onto a pedistal. Forget that, they are or were men just like you and me. We live, we die. They were not and are not gods. Matsloth my have something very important to offer us, but if he is hindered by pestering, judgemental little people we may never know what it is.

    Learning a base, sure you need a base, But it doesn't take 28 years to learn one. If it does maybe you learn slower than others, or maybe he learns quicker than you, who know and who cares. Nobody here should judge anybody until you meet them and train with them. Opinions get skewd on the internet, opinions dont get fully relaid as they could face to face.

    There is not time limit to create something, no base requirments. If someone wants to create a "new" art by all means let them. It will either burnout because it is crap or it will flurish because it is quality.

    Matsloth, train, learn, develope and pass it on. I think what your doing is right on the money. I hope you take it far and wide.
  8. Clyde

    Clyde New Member

    You say you do EPAK, but no one there really has a grasp of it so you created your own system. Basically what you're telling me is you created a system around something that you never understood to begin with, at least that's the way I read it. I do understand Kenpo, and I'm trained by, in my opinion, the best in the world at it, and I'm still startled by what I'm still finding exists in this huge system, much less the task of trying to create something else based on it, it would be futile and foolish. I've trained pro fighters as well, using kenpo principles but without teaching the full system, that's not what they needed at the time or even wanted, they wanted my fighting prowess, just one aspect of what I do and who I am. You must've missed my last seminar in the UK when Kevin brought me over for his summer camp, you would've seen it for yourself. Next time you're in Southern California, look me up, I'm sure I can open your eyes to the vastness of American Kenpo as I'm not just another BB under Larry Tatum.

  9. matsloth

    matsloth New Member


    tut!! tut!!! prejudgeing me again,shame on you .
    i'm not dispespecting you , so whats your problem. i'm so gutted!!!!!!!!!.
    who are you , a man that has never met me ,
    to judge if i understand a system that you with your arogance believe to have a greater knowledge of.
    actually you are just proveing why i did what i did , because of people like you .
    by the way i never said i did'nt understand epak i said most of the others did'nt.
    most artists spend their martial life in a big comfort zone , i spend my entire training in other peoples .
    try this one ,when your next in the uk why don't you come train under me ,
    i'll teach you the art of humility , i think you need a lesson mate.
    i will continue to evolve and progress , and not rely on other people to set MY boundaries .
  10. Clyde

    Clyde New Member

    A lesson in humility, OK, I've heard it all now. You just continue to evolve and progress mate, we'll see where it takes ya.

  11. matsloth

    matsloth New Member


    thanks, thats all i want.
    cheers matt
  12. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    you can always tell a multi-black EPAk guy by the size of his HEAD. Sad but true. Very few excpetions. Prove me wrong I dare you :woo: :p
  13. getgoin

    getgoin Idiot Savant

  14. Clyde

    Clyde New Member

    And you being from Nebraska, the mecca of American Kenpo right?

  15. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    I said, prove me WRONG

    not prove me RIGHT


    I mean, they gotta be HUGE if I can see them from Nebraska!

    My EPAK friends, this doesn't mean you... :D
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  16. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    Whats EPAK?
  17. mekosho

    mekosho New Member

    Ed Parkers American Kempo I think....
  18. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    Well that would make sence. It leads me to ask how many American Kenpo styles are there, and why?
  19. jbkenpo

    jbkenpo New Member


    Are you over here making new friends? :)

  20. Bill Lear

    Bill Lear New Member

    Hey Mr. Bugg


    Ron Whipple called me when you were in town, and told me that you were out here. I was looking forward to seeing you. What happened?


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