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    Skip to 1:53 (to avoid one of the most awkward endorsements ever). This "attacking block" works precisely because the two weapons he's using are the same length. If one were shorter, the opponent could well be able to recover his guard before enough ground was covered to deploy the second, shorter weapon.


    EDIT: I don't think one is necessarily superior over the other. As with most things, it comes down to how you use what you have at hand.

    Besides, most of the FMA players I know (not including myself curiously) probably also have the shorter weapon hidden somewhere on their person in the event that range does come into play.
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    I'll use five or six of these at the same time :p
    Nah, I think using more than one weapon at a time takes away from your concentration on each weapon and awards you with almost nothing. You can't use the weapons to their fullest potential, in my opinion.
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    It's an opinion, so that's fair enough. But the difficulty concentrating comes down to time and practice. With enough, concentration is no more an issue than it is with one weapon.
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    Korean swords (hwando?) look like Japanese katana but they're shorter and a bit straighter from my limited experience.
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    The problem with trying to use two full size katana is that they are large and unwieldy. It's not the fact of two weapons or one, it's the fact that the Japanese katana is a two handed weapon. You give up quite a bit in speed and maneuverability by using it in just one hand. There are several classical Japanese schools that still teach short and long sword techniques, but it is emphasized that they are for certain situations and not for normal use.

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