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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Eirie, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Eirie

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    Hey, my name's Eirie i am a student of chinese traditional medicine and we've been introducted to Qigong as a first year assignature.

    I've taken an interest in Daoist Qigong as well as in the ancient forms of Wudang Tai'Ji Qu'an and Shaolin Gong Fu, so my question is does anybody know any resources on these or happens to have any of it?

    I am lost on this matters and the research i've made on the internets have only confused me more... i'm very thankful for what anybody can offer

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    Welcome to MAP.

    I've moved the thread to Internal Martial Arts.
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    Hi, what would you like to know ? I mean if you have some specific questions I'll ask Shifu and if we're lucky he'll let me post the answers here . Of course there's different answers for different levels but we have to start somewhere right ?
    Dakhang :-D
  4. Johnno

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    Doesn't your course provide you with any resources - or at least a starting point from which to search for them?

    You'll probably find heaps of stuff on t'interweb, but how are you going to decide what (if any) is worthwhile and what is hokum?

    I'm genuinely curious.
  5. Eirie

    Eirie New Member

    my course is based on therapeutic qigong so we aren't getting into martial nor taoist, and although the teacher has already mentioned a pair of books to me i was looking for more jaja ^^ to see which one gave me a good vibe ^^ i am a total starter so i wont decline any source unless it is obviously wrong, misleading or mistaken ._.
  6. El Medico

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    There are no resources for "ancient" T'ai Chi of any type as there isn't any such thing-unless you consider a 200 or so year old system like T'ai Chi to be ancient.

    Any systems around these days named "Shaolin" also aren't ancient,and systems calling themselves Shaolin vary so widely that the name as an identifier is rather like saying "dog"- ok,it's a dog.Was it a Pekinese or an Irish Wolfhound?Big difference. Your best bet to get a general idea is to look at material concerning Northern Long Fist systems.

    There are videos but I'm not aware of any books on the subject-there probably are in Chinese.

    While there are various works available on Taoist ch'i gung (including one by a French clergyman in the 1700s!) many of these are sect and purpose specific. Look up sites for actual Taoist sects,not modern Western ones, and see if they have material available. Hope that helps.
  7. Hannibal

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  8. cloudz

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    You could have a look at Bruce Kumar Frantzis website Energy arts for Taoist qigong/neigong. He had a Taoist lineage teacher and you will probably find some decent information about it there.
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