Don't choke people to death

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    Oh, I'm sure he's got hundreds of thousands on a GoFundMe. Many are hailing him as a hero. I guess they are creeped out by the homeless and mentally ill and want them exterminated?

    One funny retort I heard was about how the homeless guy's 40-something charges meant that the situation was inevitable. The reply asked if Trump's 34 felony charges meant they would be happy to see him killed on the subway.
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    I hate the lack of empathy for someone the system has repeatedly failed and has lost their life.

    We need to start bringing more people into the fold of "martial arts" so they understand how choke feels and how you'll start fighting the arm around the neck automatically because of the panic and feeling of helplessness.
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  3. David Harrison

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    I suppose if you are trying to convince yourself a deeply unfair system is meritocratic, you have to believe that those below you in society are bad people.
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    This is a local issue for me, so I have to be as honest as possible. This was murder plain and simple, in broad daylight, and there is absolutely no value in promoting this kind of logic, otherwise the entire US will be forced back into a Wild West sort of fever dream where anyone with basic submission training thinks its their job to ATTACK random people in public who are talking loud. Guardians of the Subway, etc. Which is what the video shows, an assault. "The Marine" as I'm sure he'll be known by going forward by many, might as well have pushed the sick, hungry guy onto the tracks. It would have been quicker and cleaner.

    We have a problem in my country of glorifying people because of their "fruit salad", which is an old military term for the colorful badges we bestow upon veterans of various experience. John F. Kennedy himself said something to the affect of this with this: "War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."

    The deceased man in this RBSD scenario was hungry, in need of medical help, and according to the subway video, not really a threat to anyone. Sadly, the entire situation has been flipped overnight to become a rallying cry for jingoistic vigilantism.

    Some of the disgusting things I've seen written about the dead man: he deserved it, hell yeah, this is how you clean up the homeless, "semper fi"...sickening. Meanwhile I remember when a lot of the NYC homeless were, in fact, Vietnam Marine veterans who, upon returning from southeast Asia, totally abandoned by everyone. How quickly people forget.

    Even a punch to the face would have probably ended things with a happier ending. That's how gentleman used to settle things, according to the old school that I come from. One pop in the nose, some tears and blood maybe, and all is well. Now it's stalk up, pounce like a predator, and pour whatever angst you have personally into a dying man.

    The political angling now is unreadable to me. How the dead man deserved it, how "The Marine" who probably needed therapy himself was some sort of Batman. Everyone is so delusional, and it's all because people are glued to their favorite phone and television garbage, they've lost their basic human empathy. God help us all.
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  5. Mitch

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    So much this. Very interesting that the guy who killed someone is always referred to as "the marine," with all the nationalistic, jingoistic connotations that involves.

    I haven't watched video of the incident, so I'm not really qualified to comment on the specifics, but in general what the law allows is a bare minimum in empathy, and exhibiting a little more in some situations might not be a bad thing.
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    I've rolled with people who've been through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and it is not amazing. You can be an instructor in it with like 70 hours of training and they teach chokes in the first "belt" that they all do in basic training. I wouldn't put the level of a random US Marine much above a random dude who lifts weights, watches UFC and occasionally rolls around with his pals.

    Still murder, to be clear.
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    My kids know that holding someone round the neck for too long can kill them.
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