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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by doors, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. doors

    doors Valued Member

    how many people here practice don jin ki bub (spelling horrible I know, but I mean the 12 static breathing exercises) everyday.
  2. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    I don't practice all of them every day (probably should), but I will often do #1 and/or #2 when I first get into bed before going to sleep.

    When practicing sword at home, I will do the static breathing meditations before doing the moving meditations and/or Jung Gum Hyung. We don't always do the static breathing meditations in class for sake of time.
  3. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    I really don't do them, and I keep meaning to start on a regular basis. I used to do them fairly regularly, and it really helped me focus. Maybe I'll actually start doing them again now that this thread has reminded me of them.
  4. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    I never do them. I can see the benefit though. I don't think it would hurt anyone to slow down and take 24<?> deep breaths a day.
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  5. emrys

    emrys New Member

    i dont do them every day,maybe 4 or 5 times a week for the last 10 that its getting to be a habit, i find myself really looking forward to going through them.
  6. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    I should start again, I used to find it so relaxing.
  7. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    I do Dahn Juhn Ki Bub every day now, before I go to bed. 10 breaths in and 10 breaths out for each position, 10 seconds breathing in and 10 seconds breathing out. This usually takes half an hour to 45 mins.
  8. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    I had a Don Er Ki Bub the other day, does that count.. just kidding.. :Angel:

    Not a KSW practitioner myself, but I do practice a lot of breath training stuff associated primarily with CMA. Can someone give me a summary of the methods and results/effects regarding the breath work you are disgusting in this thread..

  9. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    In Kuk Sool Won we do alot of breathing exercises and meditation, the main reason for this is to develop Ki. It also strengthens internal organs, especially the lungs, which after much practise will be able to hold alot more air, obviously making you able to hold your breath longer. :)
  10. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Thanks for the info KSW_Martley. Could you expand on that a bit. Like along the lines of the following. Do these exercises consist of any of the coordinating breath and movement, breath and intention, or both. Is the breathing method fluid and consistent, i.e. flowing, or is it in several sections, i.e. hold for a bit here and there. Is the pressure of the breath soft and barely perceptible or is it hard and forceful. Are there any exercises witch combine tensing in specific ways with specific breath work?

  11. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    Hmm. Well, from what I know upto, at the beginning of a class, after a warm up, I guess this 'forceful' breathing is something we do called Ki Cho Jah Ki. These are 6 positions were we ki hap, a sort of energy yell, to wring out the ki. Before this, we breathe in through the nose, trying to breathe into the lower part of the stomach (1 inch below the naval), as this is where ki is stored. In each position, we spread our hands wide, keeping the rest of the body very soft and untense. It is then when we ki hap. This type of breathing exercise is for gathering energy required for the lesson.

    For Dahn Juhn Ki Bub, the topic of this thread, this breathing exercise is, at most, a type of meditation. These are 12 positions (I'm sure I heard there were more sets after this - the 12 basic postions, KSW people please tell me about this) were the person would sit in a full or half lotus position (basically legs crossed or whatever) with the hands in position to that specific err, position. The practitioner would then breathe slowly and softly to again, the lower abdomen, one inch below the naval. Breathing is done by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, with the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth (behind the ridge of the front teeth).

    Usually, when I've have finished a session of Dahn Juhn Ki Bub, I feel quite relaxed, and light headed for a bit. I also get pretty numb feet from sitting in lotus postion for a while, lol.

    Thats all my info :D
  12. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Thanks KSW_Martley. Sounds quite similar to Chi Kung stuff.
  13. Grippereeno

    Grippereeno New Member

    The lotus position is done to effectively 'cut off' the blood supply to the legs so more blood circulates around the upper portion of the body i.e. brain, heart, lungs etc to supposedly energise them.. so im not surprised you get numb feet if you do it for a long period of time.
  14. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    Ah right. I thought it could've been something like that. Not like what my mum thought, she thought I was just sitting weird :Alien:
  15. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I try to. Some days I'm better than others.

    I would say I usually do at least one or two of the positions most days.

    I usually like to do the series as a waking up exercise, but recently I have often done 5-12 without doing 1-4.

    I may also do 1 and/or 2 at night before (or until) going to sleep.

  16. JKN-Taylor

    JKN-Taylor New Member

    yeah, I don't have a regular "don jin ki bub" schedule. I really should though...

    I pretty much do them whenever I have a spare moment or before I do my gum training. I also prefer to do them outside (on my balchony) I feel much more energized this way, especially if I do it at dawn or on misty days.

    Kuk Sa Nim says, if you don't practice "don jin ki bub", you shouldn't even bother coming to class. (it's just that important)
  17. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Whew! I guess given the responses on this thread, we all need more practice, sir! :)
  18. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Actually... going back and rereading this thread made me wonder....

    When is the best or "proper" time to do these exercises? In the morning? middle of the day? at night? I see a lot of people saying they do these before bed, but is that the best time for proper ki stimulation and development?

    I spoke with someone I know that's an acupuncturist. We were speaking about this hand exercise that's mentioned in the the sword handbook (palms facing each other, slowly open and close your hands). He told me that there's not necessarily a specific time for this, just that you perform it at the same time each day. Right now the specific reason escapes me, but I'm wanting to say that the consistency is what's better towards ki development here.

    I also remember having a private test one time, in the morning. We didn't do any nak bup because apparently Kuk Sa Nim says it's not good to do it before 3:00 pm... again I don't recall exactly why, but it's a matter of the effects of nak bup on your internal organs and needing a little time from the day to let your body settle down.

    Point of these examples (even if I don't recall the exact reasons why, at least I remember the gist), is the specific time of day apparently does matter and can affect development. So I guess I'm wondering if perhaps Kuk Sa Nim or someone else (e.g. KJN Barry Harmon) might have said when the right time to practice dahn juhn ki bup would be.
  19. Silentmonk

    Silentmonk The Blue Donkster!!

    Kuk Sa Nim says, if you don't practice "don jin ki bub", you shouldn't even bother coming to class. (it's just that important)

    Wow. guess i've just wasted 14 years training then Ah well best give my belt back and go study something else!!! lol :D
  20. JKN-Taylor

    JKN-Taylor New Member


    hehe, tell me how those "ULTIMATE NAVY SEAL COMBATORZ" videos work out for you. ^_^ jk

    I guess It's beneficial at any time, but I have heard the best time to practice ki training is in the early morning, while everything is "waking up". I feel the difference when I manage to get my **** out of bed lol.

    In the evening things begin to run out of Ki... :Alien:

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